July 18, 2014

Conceptualization Through Imagination Required

And a new day shall dawn, for those who go on, cause they're climbing a stairway ... to heaven.  Led Zep

Today is the last day of Treei day 323 - a void voiding.  It is the day to collate the past 64 day cycle and construct the plan and theme for Treei day 324.  My first Treei year is now well into Void Massing - the culmination of the time happens when you turn 64 - as the Beatles knew.  You get to start again at Mass Massing : so let's show similar reverence to babies and retirees.

The cognitive dissonance level has exceeded the ability to deal with reality.  The spin spins so well, over so long, that peeps have forgotten that life was not always easy for peeps.  The horrors that we perpetrate upon each other are self-inflicted wounds.  Listen to your heart and take control of your personal space, between your ears. Detach from myth and hold yourself responsible for the weigh, shape and form of your life.

Okay - you can look in the mirror at you and know that come what be, you will be okay.  No matter how crazy the cognitive dissonance spins the story, if you do not absorb yourself into the matrix, the story is not your story.  The idea of being on the Treei calendar for me is to have a logical pace that gives me a repetitive order that has nothing to do with weeks, months or other standard measures of time.  When my flow is forming, i look at the project for the month and get ready to let it roll tomorrow, when flow flows.

By withdrawing from contact, hermits lose the ability to interact with peeps in the normal peep expectancy mode.  Each group of peeps uses different forms of communication to relate to their own type.  The traditional family is being replaced by the tribal familee - a form of coming together to share light and jubilee, so to speak.  In a sense, my current bonds are tethered to people that i have never met in flesh, but have built a sense of trust, through love.

Chemistry and life have similar fractal patterns, when you look through a certain window of time and space.  The field of life is governed by water, which appears to us as a ubiquitous liquid.  That water can be used in many forms makes it dominant in our criteria of need.  It comes ahead of food, but follows air - we breathe without water; a few days is all we get without water.  It carries many things around and around (and around).

The golden mean spiral gives chemistry the geometry to hold together in space.  Bonds are made of love - protons and electrons commingle as matter is formed.  Water loves water at all scales.  Time shifts in form and is scale dependent.  The entire lifetime of an ant colony simulates the lifetime of a society, on a relative scale because they have the same fractal form.  Fractals are exponential power series function with non integer values.  You do not have to understand any mathematics to get that this is how things work - nature can't even count.

Probability governs everyday life.  It sets an expectation value, then plays along as we go through the encounters of every day.  The need for consistency places us in an environment that appears to be the sum of the previous moments.  What if it's not? 

Each of us has built a unique life around a set of common beliefs that have been drilled into us from the time we were small.  Babies come into the world with telepathy and a resonance with nature.  By the time we teach them to walk and talk, and then badger them to sit down and shut up, they move into their minds and accept the paradigm of skule.

To change, there needs to be an allowance to think differently.  One size fits all fits absolutely no one.  We are each unique - yet we are all the same, only different.  Like facets of a crystal... never the same face twice - yet over 7 billion and growing.  Like weeds.  To change is to shift to a different fractal scale, with new rules, new forms, new structures.  To return to local in a global world, while global influence is shared amongst all life.  Not just human life.  Life happens at all scales and the only consistent thing is its inconsistency.  And the water.

Book draft one is done - the goal for Treei year 324 will be to set up an infrastructure such that when everything gets to press, we can make it so.  The star trek next generation holodeck is the model for what we can achieve. Every existing institution has to be removed from all its turf - only people at local level, doing life are eligible to be part of nature.  The game is immersible - there has to be relief from all current systems - regulatory, monetary and governmental.  Peeps can choose their tribe - even to the point where there is a null tribe for independents that wish to be left alone.  To try to originate different from a point source is easy - you are already unique.  Tribes provide lattice frameworks for sets of rules - which can take any form, at the whim of the tribal elders (not age related). The math form for tracking will be numeronomic rather than accounting.  Numeronomy derives from Bob Marshall's work with Buckminster Fuller - book edited by doc is due out early 2015 from OAK Press.

I feel better now, thyme to get with the purpose of void voiding and tie up the last loose ends of the current Treei day.

Namaste' ... doc

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