July 25, 2014

Day Out of Time

Calenders are funny - today on the Law of Time 13 moon 365 day calendar.  Four goes into 364 evenly, so the extra day has to be accounted for to keep the week days on their set 7 day per week pattern for a 28 day month.  This calendar uses the same glyphs as the 260 day Tzolkin calendar - the relationship between the two calendars has a 56 year cycle.  The Treei 64 day calendar operated independently on a different set of glyphs.

The measurement of a period of time correlates with the size of the scale.  Rate is a measurement of distance over time.  The units can be in miles per hour or centimeters per second or anything that can be assigned to the physical phenomena.  That rate includes time gives us an impression of directionality - the vector arrow of time is always pointed forward for life process - in the form that we grok it.  The concept of microscopic reversibility is a function of both thermodynamics and kinetics.

Too many big words.  Doc needs to be able to parse the language and make the concept simpler, so that more peeps can get it.  Okay - we measure time with a calendar - or a clock - or a watch.  Depending on the scale, we use units of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries etc.  

How old is the madrone tree in this photo?  You can see why even in Treei years (64 per human years), this tree has been around for a while.  The kids in the photo measured the volume of the tree, as part of a science class in natural resources.  Makes me wonder - the tree is located at Wonder Earth - a carbon accumulating wildlife sanctuary.  I wonder how long the water in the core of the tree has been sequestered.

Thermodynamics has to do with the arrangement of materials and kinetics has to do with the rate that the material react.  Space fits are important and having the proper geometry makes all the difference.  The rate of growth for the madrone is related to the surface area and the root structure.  So many things go into the natural process - but the net reaction is always the same - water plus carbon dioxide makes tree.  Or human.

Namaste'  ...  doc

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