July 03, 2014


If ya know you know, y'know ...
Might ya think that something is off
Resonant values dampen fears
When calibrated on wavicles 
Of ever loving frequencies of light

Motion abates in the stillness of time
Where size governs amplitude of ascendence
Low density life erodes rather than evolves
Mechanisms based upon water physicality
Flow gently down the stream, so to speak

Cognitive dissonance insists upon definition
To become a soliloquy of stillness set yesterday
Changing the meaning of is, to be something else
Klintonesque characters building a house of cards
Corporate kleptocracy of banskters ... til when

Now we stop that game ... you just be you
I AM presence enrolls each of us in personal divinity
Responsibility for accepting only facts as facts
Rests with angels and guardians and you alone
Don't swim in the maelstroms of despair

They are not real, they are not cool
They are not anything like they seem to be
Detach yourself from the influence of their money
Watch with interest as not a thing makes cents
Then rebuild with me in the image of the gardens ...

cc2014  lemme howdt

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