July 31, 2014

Theological Science

lemme plays chess online with a Christian theologian - the following is a dialogue that is create to stir up a change in thinking, to get at the essence of how a different form of being can be constructed from diverse pieces.  The working premise here is that everybody believes that what they think is true, and every query must be falsifiable - questions are not rhetorical and require at least one pathway to find an answer.

lemme howdt: I have been thinking in depth in the area of bridging science and spirituality. Science has become as much of a religion as Christianity - a belief system that excludes all other dissimilar beliefs.lemme howdt: It seems that we need an urgent change of perspective in this world today, and that it is coming rapidly. Some of our concept are outmoded, others are just plain incorrect. I believe that the universe is holographic in nature and electro-magnetic in mechanism. Energy is light and sound and motion. There is no real conflict between Christianity and science - each enjoys a separate distinct reality.lemme howdt: What if spirit is orthogonal to both electricity and magnetism, but at a fractal lower field strength - to where the other two axes have to be near zero to allow the spirit to actually have tangible mass? lemme howdt: Sorry if i got too complex, but the nature of consciousness is the challenge that i am working on at this point. Ask questions and i can simplify concepts - we may be on to something.  The invitation is open - doc can attempt to answer factual questions of science in depth, to the best of his ability, and can pass along queries of Christianity from science perspective to the theologian.  This whole topic came up from an Archdruid post on climate change.  His premise on climate change deniers is that they can go elsewhere to argue; anthropomorphic climate change exists and has destroyed Gaian metabolism to the point of chaos in the future.  Of course, he believes that what he says is true, given the caveat and he is entitled to his opinion.   The discussion is very useful for all folks on the business-as-usual timeline with the avoidance of Armageddon.  The garden path is disallowed and physics must be Newtonian based forever.  No idea as to how chaos works in conjunction with order when a strange attractor coalesces.  Yet - the entire discussion is thoughtful and useful.  Doc recognizes that anthropogenic climate change is orders of magnitude less than the energy emitted from our star, Sol, the sun.  While fouling ones nest is always horrid - corporate bad behavior is just not the driver here.  When chaos gets spinning really really good, a higher order becomes apparent that self-assembles - the solution will become obvious as events play out.  The question is on the order of thinking - we cannot conceive of being a little part of a very big life form. If we can step back from the issue of who is right and who is wrong, we can look at things in many different lights.  There can be several forms of governance on the same patch of land - follow any of the Chinese menu approach options. Iff, which stand for if and only if, iff we can accept diversity of thought based upon different assumptions of how things actually work and check our basic premises, across the board and in many fields, then maybe, we can come up with a new world view based on positive emotion and natural abundance.  Namaste' ...  doc  

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