July 30, 2014


Sometimes i wonder why i try to keep up at all.  The whirled war drums are beating and the channel vision Armageddon mindset dominates the timeline.  Putin this and Putin that - you do know that the Russians love their children too.  The songs that dominated the end of the cold war included Sting and Al Stewart singing about the way that people, Russians and Americans, all over are just people.  The imagery placed in front of us by the media today fans the flames. 

Interesting to note that recently, with globalization upon us, nation-states are getting broken up and smaller - returning life decisions to the people in their local areas.  After the CCCP became Russia and Ukraine and the many 'stans, Yugoslavia became Slovenia, Croatia, et al, and all sorts of new nations sprouted from the modern ruins.  That will happen here too, y'know.  It's just a matter of belief and time frame.  Allow me to vision howdt a possible scenario.

There are four timelines interwoven that each have their own convergence and divergences points.  The neck of the hourglass brings these timelines together to a single point in time/space - where they are superimposed upon each other in the conservation of events.  There is no reason to think that time can only run forward, but the human brain will shut down rather than accept time running backwards. All mechanisms of life share microscopic reversibility on a mechanistic scale - but once the energy balance tips over to release, you cannot go back again.

Our time has two components - first that keeps track of the moon sequence about the earth and a second that tracks earth sequence about the sun.  Mayan time has 13 components, more cycles embedded in cycles that return over various time periods.  The milky way motion about the great central sun is a 26,000 year cycle - which ends in this time period now.  It is the same as it ever was and vastly different both at the same time.  How can we hold these two opposite notions to both be true?

We get exactly what we ask for coming at us, as to how we believe. The universe is capable of giving us everything that we can imagine, but never quite in the form we imagine it.  We have choices and decisions to make - based on the belief system that we carry forth and hold to be true.  We may share truth or we may disagree - what is is what we perceive is to be.

Can i be two places at once?  Physically, absolutely not.  When i sleep, i am present in my bed, acting human enough to discharge water in the middle of the night, without really waking the person under the snooze.  But where is he?  If i believe that i am on the space ship - then many people will lose confidence in the reality that i present, because they do not grok spaceship in the current reality.  Their current reality - on a different timeline than my current reality - is sharing the same space.  What happens is in our own mind's eye.

I have traveled through multiple vision quests, where i have seen glimpses of the future.  This i know because some of the scenarios have played themselves out already.  I envisioned a rainbow courtroom - the new earth nation's use of rainbow symbolism in their developing sovereignty issue discussions reenforces my belief.  The physical change will come when enough of us make the decision of which timeline we are on and start the process of divergence.

There has been rumor of a 72-hour 'white out' in time - as part of an event that still is yet to take place.  After much rumination on the cud of today's news, i believe that this period of time will be when our time travels backward.  Common education will not allow peeps to believe that time running backward is possible, so the white out will be their own form of shutdown.  Perhaps this can be rationalized as a CME - cosmic meteoric event - that quells the internet and changes perception, for those willing to wake up and smell the qophy. (Note: qophy=coffee)  

Whatever will be, will be. How you believe will dictate which timeline you end up on.  You can take a loving approach to all and become a higher frequency light being.  You can be afraid of WW IV and be blown to smithereens (a nice place somewhere out near Kansas, Dorothy).  You can grok the concept of being beamed up by Scotty in your new nifty federation uniform.  Or as Stevie Nicks once said, you can pick up the pieces and go home.

Enforcing your belief system on somebody who is a non-believer just doesn't work.  The idea that we are unique beings needs to be investigated on a much deeper basis than what we currently know. That spirituality and science can co-exist is a known fact - we do this in our daily lives. We are water on every scale alive, yet our perception of life goes out as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) on a scale where distances are vast.  If only our telescopes were as informative as our microscopes - yet, as above, so below.  So something is different from our perception perspective.  We are being effected by something bigger, outside our space of reality, as we have it formed.

So - remain detached from all timelines, except the one that you wish to be on.  Hold that space as sacred and be there as the shift transforms the world through an event that will truly be once in a lifetime.  If you gather at higher frequency, you are divine and can control the happenings of your world with just a thought.  Imagine what you believe to be true, and so it becomes.  For you, not for others, that believe differently.  Only you can become your own point source, by embracing who you are and detaching from all illusions that you are not.

Namaste' ...  doc

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