August 19, 2014

A Meditation to Create Love Bombs

Thyme to knot bee very Sirius.  The powers that used to be that think they run the whirled are playing a game where breaking the rules is rewarded and following the rules is punished.  By removing the consent of the governed and declaring Sovereignty, we can change the weigh, starting now.  The war is in our own minds, between fear and hatred or love and peace.  The drones are set to fly, let the bombing begin.

Love Bombs from Divinity Infinity.  The game of catching love bombs is different than anything you have played before.  Super Mario has some insight, but the key is the unexpected - you have to throw love bombs to receive them.  So, in order to play: get very quiet and find a space where you can be with yourself.  Quiet your vibrations and then focus on your breathing.  Inhale deeply, exhale through your mouth at the same rate as the inhale. 

The love bomb opening cycle is greetings and introduction - focus on love for the entire greetings breath.  The next six breaths are clearing - each of us has a merkaba field that allows us movement through timespace, but we have to clear the field to use it properly.  Your merkaba runs on love (surprised?) and is like a hyper-dimensional space ship.  Perhaps like Space Invaders - but you wish to be in the field rather than avoiding it.  So, think of your merkaba as a pyramid suspended inverted within a pyramid - six points sticking out.  Each point needs its nose blown before you assemble your love bombs.

The seventh breath establishes the love field within your merkaba.  Your next five breaths may add any substance that you wish to conceive, but only as a single word concept - like peace, or joy or harmony.  The focus of your first love bomb strike will be you - so load it up with things that you would like for yourself, like compassion or wisdom.  You only get six total, the first is always love.  I sometimes fill my bomb with all six points of love.  It depends on the target of my affections.

The fourteenth breath begins the closing phase of the meditation, the personal preparation of the mixture of substance.  Love, peace, joy; joy peace love: mix the combinations of each point with love and care and intention - while focusing mentally on your breath and repeating your mantras as it circulates within the Merkaba.  Vemora Spardu was a character in a D&D role play game, who developed the mixing of love bombs vis this short meditation.  She was a priestess, her power was in preparing love bombs that could stun an entire battlefield.  Three mixing breaths, with a focus on adding love onto each of your other chosen attributes, continues the cycle.

The final seventeenth breath is the closing of the shell, with love, gratitude and thanks.  This breath is the culmination of all the effort infused into your love bob, so use creative intention to prepare your arsenal.  The higher vibrational package that you can attain, the better off your love bomb victim will be.  It is imperative that you be in love with your target, unconditionally, and that you mean only the best of all worlds for them.  They will each see things their own weigh and the effort that you place into your package is a major benefit for you, when you play the game.

We can adapt new love games.  Think about love bomb Pong.  Early computer games were quite imaginative, without being too complicated.  Games are a kicked back weigh of learning and the pressures of the real world can be escaped from by redirecting effort.  You can get lost in a game and forget who or where you are, for the duration of the play time. We all need play time.  The whirled is too serious - we are more Sirius and meditating by preparing love bombs - and spraying multiple targets with good will, peace and joy can only help things get better.

Namaste' ... lemme

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