August 05, 2014

Building Foundations

There is another there out there. Today might just be the day that we encounter there. Have your cosmic surfboard ready and listen to your gut - the decision that you make on your own consciousness may in fact be setting the path of your future - lift your frequency and enjoy the world, even if the rose colored glasses alter the visual appearance.

The universe is electrical - discharge of energy in various forms alters the landscape of dimensional reality. The idea that opposites attract is balance by the observation that like likes like. As more energy dissipates into valueless resolution, the time has come to alter the fiction to become more real. Everything we do is caused by everything we do.

Love to DKS - happy 20th. Hope that all is well in your whirled world : find Andrew the Wizard thru Mystic Earth to achieve a portal to dadspace. Love to yer mom too - take good care of her as she needs you : we all need you, but all in due time. Each of us has our own role, depending on the frequency of absorption of wavicles.

There is an urgent need for regrouping. The frustration level of peeps trapped in the limbo of modern holliwood catastrophe arises from the variance between observed and true. Our senses are created to discern relevant information from a given situation, and to integrate it into the present now. Our visual observation of actors in their roles as the standard for behavior has led to complete misalignment of fact and fiction. What we really believe is what we get, yet the form of how we get it is never the form that we expect. Ease up on yourself and enjoy whatever comes.

Shift your thinking into detachment mode. Let it all go thru, as though you are a sieve. Take control of your immediate circumstance and be present to observe - what you see is not what you will get. The image that you portray to yourself when you are alone is the important one that matters first. This should be a combination of your higher self and your inner child, mixed with your personality and self-image to create a single point of collective water consciousness. This is your baseline for creating thoughts that you hold responsibility for birthing. The raw input is adjusted by outside circumstance to create an image that is rationalized in context to what we know, or think we know.

Each one of us collects hours of time that we spend in cognitive realms.  After thousands of hours of experience, we relate to what we have been taught, when we lived in a different world. Today's Gaia is not the land of the Brady Bunch - but it could be the garden of Eden, if we take light to our thoughts and change the weigh things are. We can do it, by clustering with our like tribes and working things out in each point of view, from scratch. A daunting task, but Hari Seldon was fictional only after his creation in Isaac Asimov's minds eye.

Namaste' ... doc

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