August 08, 2014

Form Loving

The individual collective and the collective individual are both oxymoronic phrases that symbolize today's dysfunctional interpersonal state.  To think as an individual means to be excluded from the swoosh that represents the corporate collective.  Thyme to go width in and attempt to regroup the current picture by mapping fibonacci golden means onto current spirals.  Detachment from the results is an obtuse representation of science embedded in old think.  What we do does matter to us, or else we wouldn't do it.

As times change, watch for the development of spiritual ego - leaders who have notoriety amongst the commoners (as we are all commoners) seem to be stepping up into their perceived leadership vacuum, when in fact the vacuum is caused by lack of faith in the current FORM of leadership.  You don't lead by telling people, you lead by action and being - doing the things that need to get done to empower your peeps.

Some peeps have really stepped up to the plate. My personal self feels motivated when i listen to Matt Kahn and Mooji.  These two gentlemen talk from a passion of love for peeps - their experiences are developed as stories that make us feel good about ourselves.  

It is important that when i teach, i am learning as i teach and listening to the others relate back what they are learning from me.  The experience from the past has to be taken in context, this is a whole new ballgame as far as the world is concerned.  Vibration is a force where unity enhances participants.

In an hour and a half, Deepak Chopra plans to set a vanity record for collective meditation.  The timing is carefully chosen, as there are other things happening in realms where meditation would occur at this time anyway - this is a ride on a large wavicle.  

A wavicle is a mixture of a wave and a particle that has no duality - it is both and neither and always self.  It can subsume self to be part of something larger, and that is what regrouping is.  It is setting a group number back to one by sharing a resonant frequency.  I will participate, aboard my cosmic surfboard, riding the crest of the wave and observing the collective love ratio of the participants.  Unconditional Love should be the common focus; we shall soon hear what the focus turns out to be.  I hold no expectations, I will observe as a chaotic neutral.

To be a leader, you have to be on the cutting edge of somewhere.  To step howdt into your own fields of interest and harvest a bounty of wealth of being, it requires being in tune with the vibrations of self, your particle form and your wave form.  We are sine waves - each of us resonating in heartbeats per minute.  Our water carries information through barriers called membranes - into individual cells that form a collective consciousness. Humans have many different muddled wavelengths over a broad region - cats and dogs have many narrow bands in different regions.  Bond with your pet and grok their wavicle patterns. They are attuned with nature, Gaia, and they don't have internet or television to tell them; they interpret for themselves.

Higher vibrations are available to conscious minds. I am thinking about thinking, how we process our information, via brains and hearts and guts. Feelings come from the senses and knowledge comes from building structures that fit familiar patterns. To step away from comfortable is difficult; when comfort steps away from you - the results are hard to accept.  It is based on expectation value, except we no longer know what to expect.  Expect change, and embrace it with LOVE.

Patterns develop from habits.  Institutions have failed today because custom has changed.  We each have a tribe - a group of peeps that resonate directly at our specific frequency.  Pets know how to alter their frequency to adopt the human tribe that they feel comfort within.  Trust their character judgement; they know how to read emotion in the faces of the people that they interact with.  They are tunable resonance forms - for instance, purr therapy will always bring you up, out of a minor depression.  Birds are also worthwhile, though they are not on my personal wavicle. Yet.

Namaste'  ...   lemme/doc

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