August 03, 2014

Knew Skew

Beginning at one, we are all point sources of consciousness, in human form. The attitude that we assume gives rise to our altitude, with our aptitude enlightened.  The ideas that we hold need to be evaluated in context of what is - what we were taught in school is not necessarily valid any longer.  Change comes from gathering new information and applying it differently.  There are people who know, seek them out for what they are willing to share.

We have to comprehend what we think we know.  When we build our thought patterns, we base our ideas on complexity.  Simple points of knowledge embrace other new facts with positive or negative connotation.  We have a basis set of facts - these facts differ from person to person.  World view, which is supposed to be common, is absolutely unique to your own perspective.

Our chakras are sources of exchange values for our spiritual beings.  Each one is all present and functions to control a facet of our life.  The sum of the whole is greater than the parts, as emergent behavior arises from the interactions.  To know yourself, you should attempt to touch base individually with each of them.  Ask both your inner child and your higher self for guidance.

Wavicles are waves and particles at the same time without duality.  When we discuss matter and energy, we get tricked into thinking that they are two different things, not forms of the same self.  The assumption that we are alone and individual is drilled into us from the time we toddle; new born children are way more conscious of the world that is - we teach ourselves out of reality into the illusion.  Now we have to reevaluate everything, to decide whether we believe, or not.

At the size of the molecules that act as building blocks of matter, energy is stabilized by the distribution of electrons around the non hydrogen atoms.  Bonds are made of electron pairs, with a release of energy that stabilizes the pairing relative to the separation.  Bond strength is a measure of love between two atoms.  There are many tables in reference books that relate to the field strengths of different bonds - molecular spectroscopy uses excitation frequencies to identify compounds.  When you crunch the proper numbers, things fall into place.

On the next level, molecules interact together to form living entities.  Proteins and enzymes, lipids and carbohydrates, water and water and more water all combine to produce basic metabolism.  Cell structure in biology happens based on molecular chemistry in a format called mechanism.  This relies on sacred geometry, with concepts of symmetry and directionality becoming vastly important.  A thermal mechanism causes bonds to vibrate: when the heat is on, all organs respond in their own unique way and everything speeds up.  Light and sound induced mechanisms are vector dependent, the rate and frequency are both factors.

Plants are the domain of the field of botany.  The growth mechanism depends on a seed getting water in the dark and triggering a transformation where cells begin division.  As the root grows, it begins the process of exchanging nutrients with the ground.  This exchange enables the plant to magically spring forth from Gaia, enabled by the fungi, a spore based form that is neither plant  nor animal, yet fully sentient and good at its role, nature's banker.  When a plant can pay so much carbon in the form of carbohydrate, it gets metal catalysts in return.  The symbiotic nature of a Douglas Fir forest contains salal, madrone and oak along with chantrelles, morels and oysters.  The entire micro-community plays a role in developing each stand, each woodlot.  Love adds a dimension that you can feel, when you quietly share meditative time outside.

We are what we eat.  I am going to evaluate Forks Over Knives and may be giving up dairy.  It depends on whether the arguments are based on fact or squeemishness.  If they make me uncomfortable about enjoying my food, then i will not use their diet.  Yet, if they sell me on the value of the change, then i am ready to pass on ice cream, cheese, meats, and certain fats and oils.  As a chemist i can make a detached decision, as a carnivore i enjoy my dinner. Vegan is the best weigh to go for direct nutrient exchange - the metal ions catalysts come with our food system.  Which, when you think about it, is the motive energy source.

Healing power comes from integrating many forms of molecular biology.  Plants provide the source for natural products.  The organic molecules can be extracted into solvents and isolated, then duplicated in an organic chemistry laboratory.  The isolation process has been used by big pharma to create many potent drugs, which have been isolated from the related alkaloids that temper the basic effects.  Our health is our own responsibility.

Doc feels the need to explore - a school of depth of consciousness is required.  Music is to biology as light is to chemistry.  There are some observations of impossible biology that beg for mechanistic explanation.  If there is interest, this fall might be the time to fly.  We need to connect, yet our hermits (inner child and higher self) wish to remain detached.  Our water is the seat of consciousness and the new weigh is becoming apparent.  Community is developing in many forms, from point sources of humanity: as our water is speaking to us.

Thyme to figure howdt how to listen.  Namaste' ... doc

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