August 28, 2014

Wild Beasts

Feel the change in vibration, as cosmic solar flares erupt throughout our systems.  The proper level of disconnect is necessary in order to achieve a higher vibrational state.  If you cannot observe unconditionally without attempting to control, then you need to go back to your drawing board.  Lose all thought.  Become a wild beast.

Dragons and Snakes, Tigers and Monkeys.  Each 'pet' is familiar, in a wild setting of eternal bliss.  Choose your orientation and it becomes an outlook.  Let's explore deeper ... 

Dragons are colorful fictional characters.  Every child should have one.  The land of Make Believe is a place where dragons roam and hoard treasures - yet some dragons share treasure and contribute to the greater herd.  Sean Connelly owns my imaginary dragon voice - the image captured in technicolor is a statue coming to life at beck and call.

Snakes, on the other hand, definitely have a bad wrap.  Rosie was a 14-foot albino Burmese python that cohabited with us at the farm.  Raising rabbits became a hobby and a sidelight for years, in order to supply Rosie and other local slitherers with fresh meat.  The snake was comfortable in her own skin; she once got lost for a few days, curled up in the linen closet.  Snakes are slow and steady, clean and playful.  Her home was a tardis - with an apple tree branch and a light heater.

The rabbits also fed the tigers at Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction Oregon.  Tigers have an independent aura, but really bond with humans well; as long as you don't turn your back on them while in the cage.  Cats look for advantage and respect opportunity.  Your little puddy tat thinks it is a big fierce tiger cat - the tiger thinks it's a playful little puddy.

Monkeys are fast, jet skiers of the animal mahjohnic plane.  They are first on the scene, evaluating and making the change, before the arrival of the rest of the team.  If they don't like, they throw bananas, or feces, or anything else handy - but monkeys are distractible and off to the next topic as soon as life gets board -every fifteen seconds.

The game of life can be approached by combining aspects of these four beasts.  If you allow the flow to function through each set of eyes, you find the very same scenario has all sorts of different meanings at different levels.  The animal clans in the Mandala are philosophy buried between contagion - the information is powerful.  The ground stroke of context requires 144,000 peeps - at this point, the 13 are active, the comic book is written and the day aweights.

Be a wild animal today - in initial approach.  Then become human and interpret again thru different eyes what you have seen in the being of the familiar that you took on.  This form of mental shape shifting will add to your perspective, as the spun howdt world crazily embarks on her journey of change, to peace of Gaia again.

Namaste' ...  lemme

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