September 30, 2014

Omegas and Alphas: Group Theory

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega ... It's all Greek to me.  The order of the letters begins with Alpha and ends with Omega - people line up the same weigh.  There are only a few true alphas in the world today - way more people believe that they are alpha, but that is another issue altogether.  The Alpha is the top dog on the sled, a role that comes only to those without trepidation or fear.  

Each Alpha requires a true Omega to be effective.  The Omega is the tracker at the back of the pack: the one that sees that members of the group don't stray.  The omega watches everything that happens from his place back in the shadows and is a second set of eyes and ears for the alpha.  The more invisible the omega appears, the more effective at being included in all that goes on.  With the alpha leading the weigh, the omega covers her back and shapes the flow such that it goes the alpha's weigh.

Everybody is both alpha and omega in their own private domain.  There are two ones in the Fibonacci sequence - group structure follows patterns that fit this golden mean ratio.  Group growth depends on having a consistent platform of knowledge and ideas flowing forth in direction to a specific area of life.  We take for granted that the here will always be here now, but the now is here right now and always here, o it is what we make of it.  

In small groups, everybody shares the weigh and has a place in the participation.  In chemistry, small groups take on distinct shapes based on sacred geometry.  The forces ebb and flow such that a dynamic equilibrium is established between mutually distinct entities that work together for the betterment of the whole.  The best weigh to combine small groups is to meet and see which group leader establishes herself as the alpha of the larger group.  If a second alpha shifts to the omega role, then both ends of the spectrum have a capable leader.  The polarity can be balanced as in mitosis cell division - it follows that the ends are 1/6 and the muddle in the middle is 2/3.

If you did not follow my logic there, that is okay.  Each member of the group is in power equally, only some pigs are more equal than other pigs in the animal house.  The role that you play is chosen by the needs of the group and each part requires an understudy to fit the role, in the event of anything that happens.  Groups having apprentice systems can teach the roles of omega and alpha to willing students - the muddle in the middle rarely provides candidates for this type of endeavor.  Nobody has experience with horizontal power structures, since the old whirled was entirely vertically aligned.

The alpha leads by example and strikes off in a new direction by her sense of feel.  The Omega trusts the Alpha to choose the direction by feel, but the teamwork is built on the basis of trust and accomplishment - you have to be in love with the group and the ideas that you pitch to your community.  The methods will vary, the goals are the same.  Survival, existence, meet needs, create more, be.  There is depth, breadth and width to the game - the letter of your role is just a greek letter.  There are many weighs to share, love is the bond that holds atoms and people together, when their vibrational frequency resonates in harmony with Gaia.

Change is whatever you make of it.  Doc can play alpha, but prefers omega because the role is more difficult, especially with far-sighted alphas.  Lemme is more of a Psi, sigh.  There are other characters within this individual that come out from time to time - Hari is a Nu playing in a different field program altogether.  The hermit, nameless, plays the entire alphabet.

One last note - this blog feed is being rebroadcast over FB by the Mandala group.  There are 13 different tribes collating, where each players role is dependent on the Tribe that they choose.  Lemme is in the mole clan - he speaks from the viewpoint of this entity.  The goal of the game is to collect 144,000 peeps and have your clan outnumber the other clans.  Our goal is to measure the growth and use the projection as a model for community growth in an organic fashion.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

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Aeon PiPHLO said...

I am learning this very same reasoning.. interesting.. Ihave notice the entermandala site has been down