September 08, 2014


Process requires diligence. Following the protocol allows comparison of technique. Changes are encouraged with proper documentation. Derivatives are offshoots of segments of flow.  The idea of following process exactly establishes discipline.  You are responsible for disciplining yourself, be easy.

Repetition is central to process.  Taking the same path by the same means, time after time, develops a sense of being able to follow process in your sleep.  It enables sharp critical analysis - when things change due to the inevitable mistake, there is a cause and effect relationship established.

Process in nature happens because it is what things do.  Plants cannot decide, i do not wish to flower, i will stay in growth phase - the proper quanta are assembled and the plant follows the process of annual growth - based on the season, unless you fake them out.  Ecosystems are as diverse as people, in the world outside, beyond the systems in which peeps circulate.

I have a process for change that I follow, embracing the new without releasing the old.  The blending of two perspectives from different angles enhances each - the assumption that we have a common story to tell within our cultural background is complete poppycock.  Each of us is unique - if we wish to share perspective, well, we should create a process that allows us to be us without assuming that any of us actually speak for each other.

What if - we had a choice of a million jurisdictions of rules to play by - where you can essentially choose your own rules, but have them be binding. Of course, the laws of physics and the laws of nature would seemingly have priority, but perhaps not - your choice.  If you choose not to abide by, say, the law of gravity; you are free to float off at your leisure.  Everything is local, from your personal perspective scale.

The process I choose to use is the Weigh. I take what i know and balance it against what i don't now.  I make educated guesses and estimate or predict the results that i expect to see.  I keep very deep notebooks, but rarely refer back to them, they serve as a log for thought and a record of personal events. We are all blessed and charmed. I can be wrong, i reevaluate based on how it feels - i can sense emotion and would prefer not, as Bartlebey opined.

Love and blessings for another day ...  Namaste' ... doc

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