September 04, 2014


The media paints a picture and the sheeple believe what they hear.  We are surrounded by voices telling us how to think by the nature of how they think; an old monkey see, monkey do technique.  Imagine that you are in a pool of people with every person in the world - all seven billion of us.  This is still several orders of magnitude less than the number of water molecules in an 8 oz glass of water.

WATER - the universal solvent!  Each of us is an aqueous solution.  The number of water molecules in our bodies outnumber every other non-gaseous molecule by 99:1.  Water is so much smaller than any other liquid or solid, that each macromolecule carries a residual team of maybe a million water atoms, per 100,000 molecular weight.

As you all know, Doc takes different perspectives on the shape and relevancy of established science.  He does not believe in the mythos of science - The Baroque Trilogy by Neal Stephenson is a more likely factual account of the Locke/Newton division of science and spirituality about the turn of the 18th century.

We need to build a new foundation of thought that takes form of magick. To believe something new, it has to be consistent with the patterns that you already know to be true. However, our underlying premises are based on truths that once again need to be verified.  We should unschool and get down to the bottom of how we know what we know.

Water is the place where this natural resource chemist has chosen to start. I structure my water before I drink it, using a Wu Wei filter.  Another filter resides on the shower, just before the head.  The centrifugal forces erase prior memories in the water - and your body takes in over a liter of absorbed water every shower.  Doc is considering a distributorship for these thousand dollar units - a high initial cost that gets paybacks of a lower per shower cost every time you use it.  The New Weigh talks about water in depth - publication is scheduled for early spring.

Doc will be running classes and is looking for apprentices.  Light workers with a depth of understanding in either botany and biological life science and/or shamanism are preferred, but no formal education is required.  You must bring a skill to the table.  

The Many Faucets of Water will not be offered until publication of the text, or of a workbook that can serve as a study guide for us as we break new ground.  Meanwhile, this blog will serve as a layman's guide to chemistry and i will take a topic like solvents into a different depth.  There will be a tangible cost involved in the process and the currency of the realm is not cash.

Namaste'  ...  lemme

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