October 22, 2014

How to Work the Holograph

Imagine - strawberry fields forever.  Let me take you down, down, down to the bottom of the pool and blink... okay - now we are up in the stars, playing at the cosmic level. Everything you can see has a form that you can recognize, but you've never been here before. And, y'know, it makes me wonder, what's going on. It is change for change sake and there is nothing material in the alterations.

Change is a hyperbolic function. The lower down that you were; the higher now that you shall be. Rules are simple, treat others better than you treat yourself. Choose random acts of kindness. Be there for the individual peeps. All animals are sentient peeps. All plants are sentient. All crystals are sentient. Water is the seat of sentient life and works at every scale of the lattice.

What is happening can be called energy differentiation.  We are changing according to our resonant frequencies - the higher elevations are with love and peace, joy and wisdom. Lower vibrations mix to drag us down, they serve no apparent purpose except outside control. You live in your own mind, to the rhythm established by your beating heart. Heart and mind work together to balance actions - the person that you are has the keys to your particular model of being. Doc seems to be a '58 Dodge - in each system, our avatars change form. Our current attachment is to a 5th element 'meat Popsicle' - because we tend to believe in physical appearance.

We don't have to believe in anything at all. The holograph works like the Star Trek Next Generation promised - artificial intelligence is just another possibility that we ourselves have introduced. You get exactly what you believe that you will get, because you are in charge of your own manifestation. However, it never quite comes in a form that you expect. In this time, our common delusion is formed by a concrete weigh of thinking, enforced by a school delivery system that has manipulated all human form. Nothing is as it was; we create what we expect based on the peeps that we interact with.

Now is the time to withdraw into self and resonate at higher frequency. Give up the worry caused by 'illusions of reality' - the new story has to work its way through the congestion caused by peeps who still believe in the common myths. Nobody reading this fits into that category - you know better. Get a handle on your own thoughts and live with air that you can breathe, all the time. Surround self with higher vibes (4:20) and realize that you have no room for anything that might bring you down. It's only Castles Burning. There is no time delay - you can change your mind in an instant, when you follow your heart.

Namaste' ...  doc

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