October 24, 2014

Manifesting Mass from the Void

Manifesting what one desires depends upon focus of thought. Having the discipline to think through a ramification of that thought before you release it, allows you to create an image that goes with the flow; that brings you what you desire. The world is full of difficult people; you don't have to deal with their constipation, unless you wish to.

Doc needs an apprentice and has already discussed the situation with the man. Realize that the jump off the edge of the cliff took place twice for doc's former being - once literally, once figuratively. The illusion dissipates each time we move through an irreversible gate. The center is the cusp where the hourglass only allows one through at a time. Fibonacci governs new growth, especially in the lowest of lowest grounded forms.

Imagine the pyramid upside down. The growth reaches toward the stars and the great central sun. The mysteries of Gaia can be riddled about, as she is alive and a water being, as you and i are water beings. This water being needs a pee break and some more liquid joe, before we tarry forth.

The light has come, the game is one of standing back and watching. The signs are such that we will gradually fall into the elevation as determined by our frequency of vibration. Molecular chemistry involves sharing love between electrons, spirituality is coming to grips with the fact that all indeed is a single electron. As above, so below. The only weigh to be.

What seems and what is are two different notions, until you begin to look at other facets of your gemstone. The alternate reality described in the image of what you wish, requires letting go of what once was. There is a reason that most people cannot let go - self is a person that they are scared to be with alone. Your inner discussion has led to the whirled that is present and reel - the hollywood fantasy can be achieved only in the matrix. Unprogramm yourself by being outside with nature, talking to animals, plants and minerals.

Nothing is what it seems - we create the illusion of being just by being and imagining where we wish to be. Hamlet led people off - the question was never to be or not to be, but what to be. We can all be the people we expect to see in the mirror and start getting comfortable with the idea of "me-the-creator". Each of us can express ourselves in an avatar that plays to the viewers of our personal social medias. Information is readily available on any topic - the guide to learning is whoever's footpath you choose to follow.

If you are interested in learning chemistry involving the extraction of organic materials and the render of oils, tinctures, creams and resins, let lemme know. Short term would involve three days, with travel expenses: long term is negotiable in-kind or kindness - monetary values are too three-dee, but need to be considered. Doc will prepare a document after considerations are considered.

Namaste'... doc

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