October 15, 2014

Raw Basic Explanation

So much is happening that is imaginary and very little is happening for real. What is reel is coming at us in full cognitive dissonance with Obomber leading the Ebola choir. Solution is eat lots of vitamin C, altho you can also just mitigate the possibilities thru prayer. We are tethered to a false belief system and our frames of reference have all turned askew.

Hunter S. Thompson professed that 'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro'. If we each keep our personal frame of reference, then whatever happens should only cause minor disruption. Remember, the second law of thermodynamics does not hold for open systems. If all moments converge into the single moment of now, then every instant creates its own unique timeline, which parallels both the immediate past and the near future. Let us define the limits of this dynamic equilibrium.

On the one hand, nature has never learned to count - she uses ratios to compare things with 1:1 being the easiest and 1:2 being different than 2:1. Fortunately Fibonacci holds and the golden mean ratio serves as a template for all life. The flower of life holds the sequences and is open to interpretation, using the tools sacred geometry and group theory. 

On the second hand, we have a simple doubling function. Since one doubles to two and two doubles to four, the lower reaches of this function are similar in dynamic range, but from eight, sixteen and thirty-two, things take off fast. At some point out there in space, the two lines cross - i don't wish to run the manual calculation tonite, but i will do it as a discipline within my field at some point soon.

I finally got a good peek at the three lowest octaves of the Walter Russell periodic table.  The snake form makes pseudo sense - Russell describes and patented the radioactive elements around uranium, but the steamroller of progress flattened his myth. If you seek Russell's work, take the time to be amazed at his artistry as a sculptor - busts of Twain and two Roosevelts, plus a collection of statues from Twain's fiction. The man must have had immense patience.

Doc is currently too tied to the system of science that defines things based upon other things. Chemistry is a construct that presents a point of view. The absolute correlations between physical measurement as reflected by spectra that measures peak intensity of multiple energy wavelengths and molecular geometry is fully described using vector matrices.  

Okay - the new reality is such that the collective holographic is dissipating back into the aether. The tangible will not pass through the center of the cosmic hourglass - we get to go in spirit and nobody really knows what happens to these meat jackets. I should qualify that statement - the cats know fully well what is going on aetherially. When you reach a reset point where one is such a large number that the golden mean dwarfs the doubling function, it has to reset itself asymptotically. Thus we can quantum jump from wherever we are in physical space to where we expect to be in any other world that we can envision. The means is spiritual and cannot be measured with current scientific equipment. However, we can say that everything on the macroscale must be symmetric to the finite microscale, such that the mobius strip never breaks continuity.

That strip produces both electricity and magnetism from the zero point, an orthagonal vector into imaginary space. Euler's Law holds here, but in nature, two phi equals pi, even though this violates the terms of Newtonian mathematics based physics. Still, dissimilarity in non-adjacent vectors is allowed, as long as there is no formal point group in play. Left handed symmetry of amino acids and DNA comesfrom a place where directional symmetry was broken, well before any big bang created duality.

So, now that i have lost everyone not surnamed Einstein, the key is in the harmonics of spheres. One is always spherical in essence - yet a reset of scale would not cause any tangible change of illusion of the past - it only sets the future after the strange attractor has erased the root of the prior spin. When two are one, as in twin flames, then the numbers can vary depending of the context of unity - a couple can act as individuals, but an individual cannot be the couple, even though he can have consent to act for two. This concept can also relate to proxy governance, but that is an altogether different subject threat. Wanna try, kev?

Will get home this weekend, but the adventure continues infinitely until we converge on Seattle. The Cascades are calling my shaman - the breeze through will sweep away ill winds. The key is that the key events have already happened and the fractal radiance is still in the lower fibonacci regions - where the doubling function dominates.  We have switched timelines; as events play out the armageddon mentality will fade, as that whirled is teased away from Gaia.  lemme may leave this space for a new format of expression - the result requires a suspension of 3d that Doc is not ready to accomplish.   Yet.
Namaste' ...  doc

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