November 19, 2014

A Mechanism of Healing

So many theories of healing are out there, that it seems to me like everybody should be well. Unfortunately, disease is built into the current system and stress levels are embedded within the lifestyle. To be well, you have to feel well and that requires being in tune with your physical body. It really helps to be able to ignore the dis ease of the current society - that takes changing thought patterns and lifestyles, which will come with time. Today, I would like to help you feel better.

Realize, this is not med dikkle advice. The folks that bring you the dikkle want you to remain ill and continue to pay the costs of their system. The only thing you really need to make you feel good is marihuana. If you live in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska or the captive District of Rome on the Potomac, it is now easier to toke.  For others - look into hemp oil - a helpful curative that mixes with coconut oil to be a topical agent in addition to being internally remediative.

The concept of healing involves the movement of water in the body. Water comes in different local concentration - the blood stream has different solutes than the inside of a cell and the brain has even more unique architecture. The idea of healing is to enable your water to mitigate any problems by solvating the area where the discomfort arises. The mechanism of the endo-cannibanoid system within your body has receptors that respond to THC, CBD and other alkaloids contained in the whole plant. Each has a role, smoking is the preferred method.

The molecules plug in to you and resonate with the proteins and enzymes within your body. They attract water which helps to dampen the frequency of intense vibration. The more water that is within the system, the more degrees of freedom. Whereas most treatments address the symptoms, hydration addresses the mechanism directly. Drinking water and smoking a joint will kick you back.

The concept of the healing has to do with the layering affects of water. The water at an irritated surface is very mixed up and confused, in local chaos. The symptoms of pain include heat, from the friction of molecules rubbing against each other. The oils help the surface structure the water by smoothing over the rough spots, lubricating the vibrating area. Low frequency sound and light also provide this grounding based healing; the tones seem to pace the waves emanating from the area of concern.

Dampening vibration also serves to lower blood pressure. A low theraputic dose of hemp oil twice per day seems to have a similar effect to eating an apple - it keeps the doctors away. Since the leading cause of death in merika is the med dikkle profession, we all become better off by being advocates of free herb.  After all, marihuana grows as a weed.

Namaste' ... lemme

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