November 23, 2014

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory

Chemistry and sociology run in parallel to each other as hard and soft science. This implies that they share a fractal dimension where the actions of the individuals within groups act similar on each scale. The basis for the water molecule and the basis for the individual human been are similar and if we invoke biomimicry, we find that nature (Gaia) already knows this.

In chemistry, it requires energy to get to the point where the transition state occurs.  When the transition state happens, at the maximum energy required, some bonds break and new bonds forms, and then energy is released and the ride is all downhill from there.  Two choices - fall to the bottom hard, or ride the wave on your cosmic surfboard. Guess which I choose?

So, an individual water molecule, like an individual person or an individual electron, has an identity that allows it to keep a separate memory of itself that is different from the group memory of the whole. What happens on its journeys is that it finds a comfortable place to remain and stays there until the transition state forces a change to occur. Gaia is in full transition state and the new moon energies last night were the peak energy, enough to dislodge some tether that weren't 'supposed to be' broken and creating an interesting ride forward.

Water has four electron pairs on the individual molecule. They fall into two sets, the A set that it a bonding pair and the B set that is the non bonding pair. Four pairs equals eight individual electrons - set off into groups that can 'mix and match' with the non-bonding pairs becoming semi-bonded pairs with the next water molecule, a well known phenomena in water known as hydrogen bonding. This is responsible for the high melting and boiling points for water that all phase change at active Gaia temperatures.

The two bonded pairs on water have a known regular geometry angle of 109.3 in both air alone and in an EZ water solution away from the contact surfaces. When this water 'free water' becomes part of a biochemical structure - all bets on a normal existence for that particular water molecule are off - the geometry is fixed by the bonding with the new system and other sacred geometries on bigger scale which uses the water to be the lattice for the lego, to hold pieces together for a bigger next fractal up scale structure. The memory of that is what the individual water molecule 'knows' and tries to retain after it gets replaced, when it goes back into the ocean of water molecules.

In this new setting, the bonded pairs of electrons of an individual water molecule retain their constancy and the non-bonded pairs do all the experiencing and twist the fabric of the water molecule's reality. The energy of the full moon last night blew apart a great bit of 'human' water continuity and the degrees of freedom allowed this morning far exceed the bound structure of the prior time. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I have been there before and done this wrong and gotten into a worse off situation. When yesterday's horoscope had the words vision quest embedded into the review, it kicked off a DMT reaction that set me into a zen mode. The disreality of the scene was so comic, that i instantly knew that this altered state was a learning test and it was up to me to take the action that was right. By walking the talk and talking the walk, i have personally integrated the new weigh of doing and left the old system - and physically watched the energy move as the weight of the false reality system collapsed like a multi-deck house of cards.

There is another concept in chemistry called a free radical. Free radicals are initiators for chain reactions, like the polymerase chain reaction PCR necessary for DNA amplification. Spreading the weigh with a free radical initiator is like exposing hydrogen peroxide to a wound. It stings like hell when it happens, but the healing ability of the system is enhanced greatly, after the change. Remember the Beatles for this next little trine - Nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about, SFF. Best thing is, two new radicals are started at the breaking of each pair -and they head off in different direction, as catalysts for change.

Namaste' ... doc

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