November 20, 2014

How I Take Care of Me

This album is one of my favorites - it really describes the current status quo of the whirled. The old game has ended; the new game has yet to begin. When I consider my personal health, i only take materials in that I feel i can trust. I drink lots of structured water, and also coffee and kombucha. The latter is fermented and a natural digestive aid. I have one script, for albuterol, which is a broncho dilator - it helps me breathe if i have an asthma attack or COPD. I take copious amounts of vitamin C, when a cold seems to be near. Never mix the C with coffee - on those days i switch to feel good tea.

I take some specialty minerals on occasion, like calcium, boron and potassium. Co-enzyme Q-10 and vitamin D are mainstays also - both heavy anti-oxidants. Plus, cordycept mushrooms - as a specific brain enhancer. For external healing, I use Ormus gold and for internal healing, a small dose of theraputic grade hash oil, twice a day. I eat well, avoiding GMO products of all sorts. I also avoid sea-food, both for nuclear reasons and to protest over harvest from the ocean.

Meat products have been a quandary. I raised meat rabbits for 20 years on a small farm and always had ducks, chickens, cattle and various exotic pets. While i believe in animal souls, i also believe that there is no malice in the predator-prey relationship all throughout nature. I have cut back substantially on both meat and dairy; yet i will always appreciate the delicacies of a full palate. Still, developing a relationship with our food first hand is an essential part of my new lifestyle.

Everything gives you cancer. Hash Oil cures cancer, with a combination of love, prayer and a mechanism that enables healing. The idea of healing is a personal quest - you have to put your mind to curing yourself and take full responsibility for your thoughts. Actions that sabotage your peace of mind allow a mechanism for lower vibrations to bring you back into the dis ease and illness. The necessity of 'going it alone' in a 'me vs everybody else' world is over - we are all either moving to a higher vibratory frequency or ... well, y'know life is really not an either/or proposition. Nothing gives you cancer, if you don't allow the cancer. You can cure you. doc mebbe can help.

Our current mental status is blurry right now, with the CMEs throwing a bunch of high energy muons at us. And that's just the sun - doesn't include the HARRP stuff nor the constant chemtrails. Really - i lost interest in the current political agenda, but what gives with poisoning the water and fouling the air of out Gaian nest? May we please abolish all economics and find a different basis for a society? I'm guessing it should be easy, as long as we have the latitude to try many things within our separate communities. 

So, in the absence of foreknowledge of the coming situation, i have minimized my impact and footprint on the earth. I still carry way more than i really need; we have been taught to acquire and honor books - still I have trouble reading on a puter screen for very long. Recently, the major amount of time spent here is working on a theory of how to introduce new games that allow people to grasp concepts that would otherwise be foreign. Somehow, we can adapt to anything flying at us on a video screen, so why don't we find games that whet our appetite for inquiry. If a game works, it can serve as a useful model in other areas.

Games can be designed to develop specific skills, or general abilities. The game does not have to be real, but it should have a real lesson of some sort associated with the practice of getting good at the game. After all, if as above, then so below ; life has many parallels found in diverse areas. The segment of brainwash on how to approach a task is enormous - play us a slow song and we seem to follow into infinity. Sometimes, the void is not a bad thing.

So the album is over and several lyrics made their weigh into today's blog. Thanks for being.

Namaste' ... lemme

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