November 17, 2014

How to Be Your Water

Vibrations arise from the interaction of molecules, that act in resonance from their nearby neighbors. The structural geometry follows between tetrahedral and octahedral arrangements, depending on the coordination number of the central atom. Size matters, and heavier atoms hold more weight, and therefore have a deeper vibration. Sailing takes me away from where i'm going.

Water is an essential ingredient in everything. When we talk about molecules, which are combinations of atoms of elements, we are looking at ninety nine of every hundred molecules on Gaia being water molecules. By number, not by weight, as almost every molecule weighs significantly more than water. We are all made of water - and bone dry still has embedded structural water present. The fact is that everything alive has water solvency as the basis for that life.

It makes sense on a fractal level that water is the essence of consciousness. Within beings, water acts as a carrier of charge and the aether of all that is present. Imagine yourself as Nemo, a clown fish, swimming about and ask - would you even detect water as a substance (do we detect air)? Imagination is highly important in setting yourself straight in a crooked whirled - imagine clean water.

Hot Springs water has all sorts of minerals and 'psychoactive' water substituents. Water holds memory and because each water molecule is sentient, the thoughts that we generate at this scale are somehow related to what is happening to water on a micro-scale. Gaia is a being like you or me, with water as the base level of a conscious existence. Love works as a tether through changing scales, as the nature of the chemical bond shared between co-habitating water molecules. The vibrational frequency of resonating love can be reached by all rational beings made up essentially of water. How water holds that information is a function of its spacial arrangement. The nearer to a non-water atom a water atom is, the more distorted the geometry. 

Enjoy a hot shower, especially if you do not have access to a hot spring. If you can structure the water that you use,you can make it more efficient in communicating to your inner self. The idea of being a water being takes some getting used to - but it looks like we will have plenty of time and limited mobility, so looking closer at what we have in hand will be well worth the effort. The orchestral dynamics of nature relies on symbiotic systems that are related through the transfer mechanism of water. 

Namaste'... lemme

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