November 22, 2014

Quantum Jump Thyme

Misunderstandings occur because words mean what we say, not what we think they say. Once a thought is stated and not controlled, it takes on a life of its own and sometimes there is no going back. Mean spirited peeps are all over the whirled right now because we live in crazy time when things no longer are what they seem. When you can't let go of expectations based upon old values, the world will seem like a rather harsh place.

Love works in mysterious ways. I sent my shaman friend a copy of Matt Kahn's discussion on how, when things go seemingly bad for us, we need more love and not less. Somehow, he couldn't get it open and proceeded to miss the message and have a very bad day. If you are spiritually connected, your guides really shouldn't let you down like that; however, we make the bed we lie in. We have arbiters on Gaia to resolve disputes - unilateral judgment requires some other methods.

Breathe. The deal changes when your guides decide that you have learned the lesson that you were set up to learn. As an Asbergers person, my coping mechanism has been to crawl deeper down the rabbit hole and go off on a tangent that has me lost in space. In the new weigh, disappearing happens because a quantum jump is taking effect and free fall always involves a change in both real and perceived status. Ready and able.

Of course, now what? is always a good question. We will see what each day brings while holding back on the sharp tongue approach, because enough bridges were burned by not being clear with words. We each interpret the things that others say from the perspective that we bring. We can all act when somebody points out something differently, but in ignorance of challenge, it becomes difficult to address that challenge in the least. It is why there are feedback loops. When the feedback doesn't keep consistent with the reasoning, it generally implies that the reasoning is flawed, thyme to go back and check premises.

I feel sad, in a weigh, but more for losing the comfort of having a place to plant in called home in a way where the bottom was completely jerked out without consideration or discussion, over an issue that should really be a non-issue. But lemme doesn't think the way that other people think and the illusion of comfort was just that, a pleasant illusion. Lemme was trying a game out whereby he had to have a subservient role and so being released means that the 'i am' is now once again a free agent on the market - plus we have apprenticed another complete different skill set. The time has come where individual skills will be very useful. 

Contact lemme if you wish to bid for doc's professional services.

Namaste'... lemme

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