November 10, 2014

Stay Calm in the Sh*tstorm

Now, when they go crazy on you - you gotta learn how to shrug it off and not let it matter. Our weigh of life has to be different than what we have learned, so acting different in response to the illusion is the first start. Calm yourself by taking a deep breath and then focusing on the light - what color does the image appear to be?

To escape that non reality, we should stop using either/or. There are many different options to consider, not just two. Nothing is black and white, there are shades of gray. Nothing is simple light or dark; we of the light catch ourselves drifting dark and change the vibration - to pure love. Love is a radiance, a brilliancy, a point of light after a tunnel of dark. To grasp love, well - say Hello to Arica.

There seems to be a question of time within chemistry. The transition state of a chemical reaction consists of a build-up into a geometric form that allows a change in bonding. Chemical bonding is the love shared between two electrons that become one in a mated pair - and hold other entities (atoms) together with that love. All of physical chemistry involves the study of how this space is arranged - to show how the vibrations are elicited from the partnerships between like and unlike pairs.

Chemistry is always dynamic: the options at any given instant are to remain in the same place, to go forward or to go backward. After each step, the calculation takes place again and the options are the same. The result does not have to be the same; when the forward and backward balance each other, the status is called rest and acts the same as no change over the longer haul. On a human scale, we have been in no change land for every minute of our collective lifetimes, with few exceptions. A 230-year form of governance is at an end.

Consciousness is not a human trait. It is what it is and everything is conscious, to some extent. That chemistry has not studied consciousness is deliberate - the myth of status quo kept them from teaching you things that you absolutely should know, but refuse to believe. You have to suspend you belief in the way you were taught to think and expand you avenues outside of the narrow box that you currently behold. To do that, you have to let go of some 'true' belief.

How do we know what true is? Well, for one, true resonates. When somebody tells you something that you know is true, then little bells and whistles go off in the high pitch areas of your acumen and say, y'know, that's right and we might need to rethink some other things. If you wish to make God laugh, tell him what you already know. Or better yet, set new plans. You are God, but each of us must step into our divinity and accept that role to become the I AM of who we all are. It requires presence and can open some new doors; however once the threshold is crossed, you can never go back again.

And so it is at the transition state of a chemical reaction, that the choice to move forward puts you over the hill as far as the energy consumption is concerned. The option of going back will consume way more time and energy than the momentum of moving forward. At this point, there is only one option and until the entire event has been tarried forth, you can only go forward to the next stable state, there is no option of return. The balance is between thermodynamics - temperature, entropy, enthalpy and the like with kinetics - the setting of the stage where the participants move into play in their proper geometry. This is not duality - what is the third weight factor?

I believe that that factor is intent. If you take action in a form where you set a desired goal from the action, and vision through the process from start to finish, and factor in the acceptability of unique action by other participants, then you can change the course of the illusion and become a master of the game.

Thought pattern broke - allow me to give an example of different types of thought. What if we replace the total waste of water called toilets with something akin to a kitty litter box? How could this be done in a way that recovers useful materials into fertilizer and other subsystems that address the loss of topsoil on the planet?

Namaste' ... lemme

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