November 06, 2014

Walking the Walk

Greetings - whirled has become a bit chaotic and doc just doesn't wish to post any news commentary. He is working diligently on another different approach to chemystery, since the current one has people spinning in a chaos that they don't grok at all.  However, it has got electrolytes.

Thyme to remove another layer of the illusion - to let go of all the political rhetoric that matters to no one who is I AM. The only weigh to walk this path is by walking this path. The current illusion demands that you follow the Idiocracy, no matter how mind dumbing and soul numbing it professes to be. Letting go requires a leap of faith - you have to know that you will be okay even if you don't pay attention to it.

The system that is coming has a horizontal hierarchy. The decision is deferred to the person best equipped to make a proper decision. The order requires transparency - everybody who is involved need to be able to follow the logic loop though they don't have to understand all the details. The decision maker has access to everybody's first hand knowledge and expertise within the group. The ability to make good decisions is a function of the ability of the entire group.

Seems that dominant peeps wish to have everybody share equally in all endeavors of each group. This is mind numbing poppycock. If somebody does not relate to plants, i do not want them anywhere near my growing food supply. People without kitchen sense are not supposed to be in the kitchen, even if the rotation says they have to cook their 'fair' share. Anyone talking about what other people are supposed to do are suspect in my community.

We are each individual and we are all collective - both are one. The Fibonacci sequence starts off at zero, one, one. You can always pass forth on the bridge from you as an individual one to wherever you select to be, but to go from the all back to any individual one is like finding a needle in a haystack. The Ormus provides an electrical conduit for a single electron - there is an entirety in every single electron at every level because they, too, are all one.

Two is one and one. You cannot get to two without mastery of both one and one. When you have two, each one is an individual that cedes some areas of concern to the second of the two. This exchange needs to be equitable, but not even. There is a natural incentive for self-preservation based on three dee whirled experience that cannot be transferred to our new conception of society - our deals should always favor the other person in the exchange. If both parties wish to see the other benefit by the deal, then we have the system that we desire to live with.

Your word is bond, yet bond is mitigated by circumstance. The idea of bonding in the financial sense overwhelmed what bonding is really supposed to be about - chemistry. When Linus Pauling wrote the nature of the chemical bond, he was creating a summary of how these things called atoms and molecules work. These are abstractions ! Everything we know is made up to fit a series of measurements, that were taken at a time when science was assumed to be all that there was. We now grok spirituality as a metaphor of change via intent - the observer always affects the system observed.

So - let's take a leap to connect science and spirituality via vectors. A vector is a mathematical construct that consists of an arrow that has magnitude and direction. A long arrow ------> has a greater amplitude of vibration than a short arrow -->. Direction can be circular like a clock face, but mush consider three spacial regions - length, width and height. Let's set as parallels that logic is electric and feelings are magnetic. ( a Jim Self concept).  In vector space - electricity and magnetism are at right angles to each other - a situation known as orthogonal. There is a third orthogonal direction to both of the other two - look at a cube from the corner inward and you can see what i mean.

This space has no definition in the current reality, yet it has to be there. All that we believe has been taught to us by a school system that was flawed by design from the outset. To make the leap in quantum reality requires an understanding of the physics of quarks - the quirky particles that sub-atomically make up the protons, neutrons and electrons. The names of the quarks are : Top and Bottom, Up and Down, Charmed and Strange. In a topsy-turvy place, when we cannot tell up from down, our grounding allows us to know the top from the bottom. If it starts charmed, the next variant can be either charmed or strange. If it is charmed again, we think we know. Try flipping a coin ten times and see if you can get two in a row. How much more difficult would three in a row be?

You get the picture - thyme to hit the reset button and think it all through from scratch, once again. We set some definitions here today that will serve as the basis set for translating the lingo - if you want to follow along, watch the trolls mistake the use of language as the story develops.  Matter consists of solids, liquids and gases - a gross simplification that most knowledgeable people will argue til they are blue in the face, only they are wrong. Pollack's work needs to be worked through fractally into other areas of concern, to get a better picture of what we are about.

Oh, by the weigh ... doc says namaste' ... and lemme loves you.  more soon

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