December 21, 2014

Always a kitten to me.

Cats really have it together, much more than they lead us to think. They have sharp frequency ranges where they notice everything and major gaps where there is no attunement whatsoever. If a cat deems to notice you, the attention span depends upon the input to the particular kitty involved. Cats feel through their claws - ownership comes with blood and purrs. In fact, purr therapy is a great joy, because the vibration can bring a hueman back to ground state.

Cats walk in a fractal reality different from humans, yet with significant overlap. The exchange of hunting for processed cat food did not work in the cats favor - but they put up with us because ... because ... well, because we feed them. And keep them entertained. I wonder sometimes, if cats are not unique like humans; or if the same cat has materialized in several dozen (million?) different households. It sure seems like the same cats are at every place that i am. They change names, don't know how they travel, except mebbe by teleportation, or time-line splitting.

Perhaps the cats serve as trackers for the many worlds theory. If the cat changes subtly but really only in physical appearance, then you have switched timelines to one where you made a different decision. Everett's concept has been expanded by Stephenson - we no longer have to question the what if's - just assume and run with it.

Assume - not allowed in modern society.  If you assume , you make an ass out of you and me. Primary control tactic for culling out thought - only do exactly what they tell you and you don't have to think.  Otherwise, they beat you.  Mentally, physically, emotionally, resistance is futile. Just watch the box. They hate it so much when we ignore them and their silly rules. Remember, we are they to others.

The puter is not quite like the box; notice cats don't watch the puter either. They do watch the mice, in the dark. Different types of cats have different outlooks on life. The choice of cat that a person makes is totally dependent upon the cat - they will not even give you a moment's thought unless you make that direct connect on the cat's wavelength. But given the choice, what type of cat would you be?

Cats have no hierarchy, because they really don't consider other cats, unless we as humans enforce that they do. Their concept of family is the human that feeds them and then anything forced upon them, preferably entertaining. Cats have been known to stare for hours at one place, to groom self incessantly and/or suddenly lose interest and need to get away quick. The cat will fake bite - the further you allow without squirming, the more comfort the cat gets. Each cat has its own depth, and breadth, and width - but cats do not play in our dimension. Big cats are similar to small cats, only they have greater will, and can not be trusted, as human is another form of prey. They need turf - the new shift will grant that ... not quite sure how. Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction OR is the place to go - cats get more run, but that isn't the answer, it's just better than most.

To a cat, nature just is. Cats count in fibonacci ratios. Cats have a second sense for change - if something shifts, the cat will be first to notice. Schroedinger has a cat in a box that demonstrated the concept of indeterminacy - cats are perfectly content in small boxes. I really need a pet cat, but life on the road doesn't allow the privilege, so i whisper to other peoples cats. I cannot divulge all the secrets, but if you learn to speak cat, your cat will learn to speak catlinglesh - where meows in tones are spoken words. Alone is one of their favorite chants in meow form.

The Zen of Cat is all about love. The purr of a happy camper cat resonates throughout every cell in two bodies during a heavy petting session. Observed behavior is best when the cat has no idea that you are observing; they let their guard down and play, like children. A small soft squishy ball with a bit of catnip and perhaps some feathers, stapled or tied on with string, and your kitty is dancing with angels - just watch. There is also that sense of just knowing when a human is down and needs a purr - exactly when they find the tone. Harmonically - the kitties have a second sense, a collection of distance attachments that allow communication amongst the feline species and specifically, their own kitty type. 

I have so much love for the different cats that have graced my life - for both long eternities and brief encounters. The fog grey London was a barn cat extraordinaire that outlived a dozen companions. Yage' is the sage cat that let me really get close and learn the language - when she found that i shared a level of love for her attached human. We still talk via the airwaves. Goof (Vester again) is most recently left behind - her Zen is illustrated above - classic clown with a heart of glass. She will take good care of da mann, should he not piss her off too badly. They chose each other, i just played catalyst with walking the weigh.

Meow! Sometimes, just purr. Listen, cats know english and have a sense of human as animal that humans have lost. Take their perspective of us and ask yourself - how does that spark work - why does it work with cats and not other people? Hmm. It does work with other people - be a cat and learn how to trust love to bring you what you need for comfort. Trust yourself, take care of you and be there for your favorite kitties - cause after you feed them, they still really like you.

Namaste' ... lemme

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