December 02, 2014


The transformations that we undertake in ascending to a higher vibration cause change within our physical structures. To be hue-man means to let go of most of the conditioning of the past and be at the state where you are where you want to be. Tune into your chakras, the harmonics work together by grouping the bunches by color - to stay above the fray is to carry on, as one, despite interferences.

Interference comes in patterns which are either amplified or negated in physical space. The famous slit experiments with light demonstrate that matter is both wave and particle in nature, a duality that we accept because it provides us with absolute borders. Neither is precisely true, they are only models, like Camelot in the Holy Grail movie. Part of our problem today is that we cannot filter the trash out of our learned belief system - instead we argue with each other over who is right, when we all seem to be left.

In order to release all false beliefs, we have to release all beliefs. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about; we have models and holographs and digital universes to play with. The first thing we have to do is start with a statement of truth.  'I Am' qualifies. The things that we can do that we must do to stay alive are granted - we all have to eat, drink water, breath air, go poop, sleep and several other specifics. (Breatharians are excluded by this construct - but otherwise, i think we still have mostly everybody - all living creatures on all scales.)

Ospensky in The Fourth Way discusses three 'time' lines of choice for each individual, where the person in question can only be on two of the three lines. The first is the one that is self - we are always responsible for keeping track of self and making decisions to keep your organism alive. Query - do some organisms sacrifice self for the greater good - or is it that they are not paying enough attention to self, because the other two lines are dominating? The second line is world - everything that is is part of the all around us - we can consider this Gaia scale, or great cosmic universe scale - it represents the other whole one besides the self, as we are all part of the great life expanse.

Line three is the scale on which you choose to live your life and do your life's work. I like to refer to this area as the accordion - everything in between the all and the individual one is included in this hierarchy. This is the area where Maslow's theories hold - the fabric of the social structure built specifically for gaining experience. If things are well on level one - you pair up with a mate and now have two to deal with. Offspring bring three, four and then mebbe five - but five is a different fractal than one, two or three. I never had to deal with a large family, so i really don't know.

Beyond home is the workplace - your type of work dictates how many people you deal with in a day and how intimately you deal with them. The game is to act like an automaton and get your work done well enough to please the boss. Query - what happens when nobody is the 'boss'. Can we each do our work in a weigh that we share with colleagues, without having one person determine the path that everyone else must follow? Can we choose temporary leadership on the basis of best person for the job at the moment? Essentially, I am, needs to work for I am goals. I can apprentice to you to learn how you do what you do, but i will integrate that learning into my own weigh of doing, which i have developed over many years of practice. I love you just the weigh you are.

When Isaac Asimov wrote the Foundation series, the premise was to shrink the time of chaos from ten thousand years to one thousand years, by starting a new colony on the outskirts of the soon to be shrinking empire. His character Hari Seldon comes back in holographic form to relay information from the past. Our past has been carefully reconstructed for us and indoctrinated into us by the method of public schooling. Einstein once professed that you can't fix a problem from within the mind-set that it was created. I believe that our problems are caused by our lack of vision, that we are not seeing an integrated whole picture because we are humanist - racists that promote our species over all others. Certainly not Gaia's weigh.

Gaia is changing, all assumptions and bets are off as to what will happen in the short term future. Some light workers are being called to act - so be ready for your turn at the game. Have your focus on line one and line two and allow yourself to feel where you belong for line three - because when the system breaks tomorrow, there will no longer be line three available for most people. How we deal, is a matter of perspective. 

I see the need to build a new foundation, under the house we build when the current house of cards topples. Find your place in the sun.

Namaste' ... lemme

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