December 23, 2014

How Quantum 'One' Works

Suddenly, there is resistance to everything. The personal energy reserve dipped and the forces ebbed in conjunction with the new moon and the solstice. Everything went wonky and my sources of being left me without a cat in a different place than where i expected to be. People who i reach out to have other things going on during this artificial holiday season - it just does not excite me as it did in the near past. No real reason to be festive with the lame stream delusion peaking.

Taking stock, i have a feel for what it is that i wish to manifest. Peace will come as a function of separation of timelines - the node of interaction has passed the point of splitting. In a Fibonacci sense, the time it takes to create something from nothing is the amount of time that it takes to go from zero to one. From one, the next stop is one. By the time you are done with one again, you might be ready for a change. If you go back to zero - then you start all over again - that is not this path. 

Let's name the one and the one to keep track of them both. The first one will be named Me. I AM. Me is you. You have a choice to be who you are and the whirled can give you two distinct paths - which we shall call Charmed and Strange. Kinda quarky, i know. Specifically, the quantum field of one can be either charmed or strange, but not both at the same time. When you move away from the first one, the Me and move to the second one, the We, nothing really changes other than perspective. We is all inclusive of sentient life force. The scale is all that here is or ever was and we each have our role in the all.

So there are two ones, we and me; each of us is part of both of them simultaneously. The one that we start with does not matter - the we and me serve as limits to the scale of the experience. The human condition is gone - all beings of every sort that have respiration ability and can interact with water are sentient considerations. We incorporate more being each time we share love - however we can also poison the pot with inverse love - which comes from control imagery. If you love something, let it go, and it will return your love to you if it was meant to be. 

Expansion occurs in incremental steps, called quanta. Each quanta is an all or nothing packet of energy. If you take a photon of light, you can create an image of a single quanta of energy at a specific wavelength value that sets a trigger for a cascade of energy to be released at the tipping point of the transition state - where the equilibrium shifts from what was to what will be. That has happened for some of us, at different times. We all had to get comfortable with both our ones, as we did not want to be sucked backwards by LSD - Lame Stream Delusion.

Counting becomes a different experience when you know that the golden mean ratio governs a limit that cannot be exceeded. The alternation of flux (direction) as the numbers converge makes it very open at low counts - more specified at higher counts. One group that I AM is almost at 34 - the sequence goes 0   1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21   34 . That would be a tenth level quanta - inclusive of all the previous nine levels. When counting, your choice is Up or Down, but also lateral at one - such that when two goes to one - it may be either the charmed one or the strange one and then you remain at one as the ping-pong game goes on indefinitely.

Rate is also a factor. Just because things happen fast, does not mean that they happen without thinking about what happened. The art of using the mind to discern true from not so true is a unique ability to have - if we use it. The brain is conditioned to think, the heart is conditioned to love. Logic and Love intermix to allow imagination to roam through possibility - when you believe in the big lie, you presuppose control of your illusion to somebody else.  You lose your ability to appreciate the one and the one, because now you are not the origin of your one. In Fibonacci life - you are one, i am one, we are one - no getting to two until we master how to be all the ones.

Namaste' ... lemme

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