December 22, 2014

Rainbow Clouds and New Realities

Slow - reset for another configuration. Y'know, like those funny contraptions that the ophthalmologist uses to tune in on your eyesight- where she flip the glass and everything smudges, then comes into focus. We see the dense fog and our internal fog resonates. When we feel 'under the weather', we should return to a state of love, rather than lashing out at the whirled, where our loved ones are close. The weather is not what it seems, as the patterns have been changed.

Let's talk about rainbow clouds. The chemistry involves the reflection of light by water particles, causing a shift in the visible spectrum of light. The appearance of such clouds to me is a sign of divinity - the trip two weeks ago revealed four spectacular rainbow clouds when the sun came out from behind the mountain - a function of two incident angles and a prism generator - a phenomenon that bends space such that each set of waves travels a different distance. Motion - riding a bus - was not a component of the event - yet it gave me a surrealistic sense of feeling well; my angels were traveling with me. 

Now today, somebody claims that geo-engineering is behind the rainbow and they are signs of particulate in the air. Nonsense. Peeps just like to poop on other peeps because it is a 3d way of doing things - i disagree. I love rainbows and always show them proper respect. Chemistry requires a spectrometer to detect light - eyes can do the same thing in a limited range. We are much better detectors than anything science can build - we just have to change the weigh we fell when we sense things. I feel love - rainbows. sunshine and lollypops notwithstanding.

above picture is from Libra, in Norway, today

Behavior is a characteristic of being. How you interact with others is a reflection of your upbringing - nurture - and the weigh you sense the physical presence of being - nature. To discern truth, we take what we sense and filter it back through what we have learned, through experience at the school of hard knocks as well as book learning the wisdom of others. To think for oneself is a simple joy, that requires questioning the old as well as the new. I can only act upon the information that i believe to be true: true for me does not have to coincide with true for you. However, once you know something to be untrue, nothing you can do can ever make it true again. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny really do exist, but only when the magic of belief is added to the scenario.

Love is difficult, because it takes setting our internal beliefs to allow for magick to happen. We have been taught by science to disregard magick - that everything has an explanation and a mechanistic process that can be studied and learned. And then we fall in love. But love is nothing like what we ever have been taught in school - yet we know love inherently and how to engage in love. If you are down and lonely, a love interest immediately changes your spin state. If you can take on love as a frame of reference, then you see a whole different world than the current whirled of cash and mistrust. That whirled is gone - the new weigh awaits. We just have to finsd the love frequency to resonate with. The rainbow reminds you of the choices - all the different frequencies that you can obtain.

If you wish to unlearn what you know, you have to have something to grasp that you know you know. Babies and animals sense love as a weigh and skoolz of fools seem to teach logic as an opposite. The golden rule is a great place to begin with what you do know, do unto others as you would do unto you. The golden mean is nature's limit of expression - seems nature has adopted it's own golden rule and nurture has learned it out of us. Get back to where we once belonged Jojo - think for yourself and find an anchor of belief that you can base your thoughts upon. Then take your new perspective and build your world back up, knowing that you as one person have an insight on how you wish to be - just be you. No hate, no wars, no fear - just a realization that beginning now, you do have a structural integrity that allows you to believe in yourself - all the time, no matter who says what.

All because rainbows are angels - don't ever allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

Namaste' ... lemme

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