January 11, 2015

AMD - Formosa Mine

EPA would like your comments on the Proposed Plan for cleaning up surface and subsurface mine materials at the Formosa Mine Superfund Site in Douglas County, Oregon.  You can view a copy of the Proposed Plan on the EPA Formosa Mine website. The comment period is open until February 5, 2015.
The Proposed Plan spells out EPA’s preferred remedy and summarizes findings from site investigations.  EPA’s Preferred Alternative includes excavating and disposing of identified mine materials at a location on or near the site, improving stability and cover of an existing encapsulation mound, and capping mine materials that are stable and are not in close proximity to headwaters. This Proposed Plan is the first of two being developed for the Formosa Mine Site.  A cleanup plan for groundwater, surface water and mine materials within the underground mine workings will be issued at a later date.
There are several ways to send your comments to the EPA:
Attend a public meeting:
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
6:30 p.m.
Riddle City Council Chambers, 647 E. First Street, Riddle, Oregon
E-mail them to: cora.christopher@epa.gov
Mail them to:    
Christopher Cora, US EPA Region 10
1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900
Mailstop ECL – 115
Seattle, WA 98101
For more information, or to request a paper copy of the plan, please send me an e-mail or call 503-326-6994.

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