January 26, 2015

Glyphs of the Basis Set

Yellow Planetary Human : Void Minding

I am. I am intangible and operate by the seat of my pants. As the extreme nature of the world condenses back into the solitaire of being, we can group ourselves back into the local weigh, where everything that we do is conditional. The images that we set forth for ourselves are routed in the preconditions of what we believe we know. To know that we know something requires us to believe in the truth. What is true?

I believe that water is true. Water is water on many different fractal levels. The being that is a water molecule shares most of its life in a continuum of water molecules. The nearest neighbor is bonded by a lattice to self – water likes water and is comfortable in its own skin. What do you get when you peel away the onion skin; why more onion skin. Water works that weigh too – from a gallon to a glass to a drop, water is as water does. It remains true to itself, it is always water.

Water comes to us in phases. We are very familiar with ice and steam. The energy that can be stored in water is a function of the temperature of the water – a water based extraction takes place in my presence every morning, as I boil the water for java – coffee or tea and the java and me – a cup, a cup , a cup , a cup , a cup... Water beings are all over at every scale imaginable.

To becomes one with our water can be a transcendental meditation. To realize that life is water and water is life is to change the base conception of our universal being. I am water, manifesting what is best for water. My sister Gaia is water at a different scale of the accordion, manifesting what is best for water. That water is a part of Gaia and also a part of me at the same time, includes me as a part of Gaia and Gaia as a part of me. I am you and you are me and we are all together … I am the walrus ( I am the water !).

I apologize for yesterday as a malfunction of tomorrow. The combination of Asberger's and Alzheimer's has left me forgetting what it was that I was trying to remember – comes with the times – a good dose of Alzberger's. (Seems better than Assheimer's). To whit, when I am one alone, I can do many things without being seen by the people who are not watching. As I interact with people that increase my number, I find that my actions take on some of their expectations, and that I can no longer control the direction of the image that I portray. I can remain 'in character' to meet the expectation, or I can arise from my I am presence and cause a conflict. That I can see this choice as it appears is a function of watching, over an elongated period of thyme.

Let's pick up on the glyph from yesterday's conversation. There are eight glyphs that resonate harmony in the Treei system. The Treei system is a limbic brain construct from Armando Busick – the subworld that I live in has a recurring theme built about philosophy: Armando worked with Alan Watts and designed a book cover for Ram Dass – in a different fractal of his life. I come from the tree of Pauling – via the land grant uni versity called oregano state. That we need multiversity thought on a small scale to set aside all we know and learn all over again is a function of who and what we are. We've come too far to give up who we are, so let's raise the bar and we'll shoot for the stars.

Eight glyphs segment every fractal into harmonic regions. As applied to a calendar, the rotation of eight by eight, creates a calendar tree day consisting of 64 human days. So by layering this ordered construct upon itself, we find that every eight years of life, we pass through another glyph period – somewhat like time, but not quite in the same form of measurement. There are no seconds or hours on this scale – those functions are a necessary overlay in order to make meetings and interact with other people in their own time frames.

The order of glyphs resembles the action of water in nature – Armando designed the system from the perspective of the tree – each set of 64 is a tree day and when we turn 64, we start again at the beginning. First – we Mass. Mass is the art of assembly and before we come to anything, we just have to get ourselves together. Once we Mass, then we Form, as things that we have massed begin to take shape. Then we Flow and get with the program as the Form that we modeled is actuated. The Power of being is express in the action, with Love resulting from accomplishment of everything coming together. Sound brings joy of announcing and Mind congruently sets  the stage together the display. Then we rest on our accomplishment as Void appreciates and allows us to be ready to Mass again.

So, very soon I advance to 57 years of age as a human being – this is over 320 cycles of 64; not terribly far into the Void of my personal Existence. That I can now become an actor in a role and slip comfortably into any role that I am requested to portray, is a character benefit that I have earned by playing the role of me in too many scenarios. Today I can watch and play, I no longer have To Be or Not to Be because I am. 

Just that simple. Today, you can be who you are too, just by being there for other people who feel they need you to be something you're not. Be there for them and play that role to the fullest. Your cat is watching. Your dog is watching too. Your government is watching. Your friendly neighborhood lemme is watching, as well as doc. Oh, The Places You Can Go.

Namaste' … lemme and doc

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