January 11, 2015


So happy together. 

Hope so - day one was awesome. The New Weigh is to trust in love and be who i.am . I learned so much in the past few days, my fractal reality is far enough along that i have multiple distinct histories. I have been here enough times before to recognize that i.am the authority on the topic. The last rendition lacked the confidence, this thyme around the game is on my home court and they wont even know that the game is playing until after they watch the films. 

The state of jefferson blog needs to be activated - yet i have no time nor energy for that particular task, Make private contact if you want the keys to the rig. Connection to source is included in the offer - must be capable of holding responsibility and grok the mondragon economic model. There is something going on around here.

The previous post announces a meeting to discuss the results of the feasibility study and the chosen plan of action for the superfund site on Middle Creek off Cow Creek off the South Umpqua in southern oregon. Home. I was called back here to do this - put up or shut up type of deal. All in. I no longer play poker, my game is now Lao Tzu Chess. I have had enough years as a practicing mushroom that i can work when kept in the dark and covered with shit. Guess what - we got a people's plan.  We control our own common illusion, as long as we develop common unity. 

The topic on my mind today is social permaculture and love. I think that the love will wait til noon, because the sauna doesn't open before then and that is the place where i feel comfortable in my paranoia. Being an alzburgers adult means that i have had to find new weighs to cope with failing memory. What once was eidetic is now more like swiss cheese, a function of aluminum oxide formation and other aging processes. I believe that RSO oil reverses aging, by structuring the water in such a weigh that the telomeres add rather than cleave. Of course probability is a function of concentration - Ashley will tease it out with a little help from their friends.

Namaste' ... lemme

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