January 29, 2015

Moving Deeper Inside Howdt

Mass Forming : Yellow Magnetic Warrior

On the fly reporting today - nothing is ever as it seems. The game is to catch people in the game. Nobody knows who is the player and who is being played. The flat earth makes more sense than the round earth - yet no earth makes an even more convincing argument. Back to string theory - all strings tangle when not being watched.

Movement is coming - the comfort zone defined by the present condition has narrowed to a discomfort zone. While going through the motions, i find that emotions run rampant when belief systems are questioned. I get lots of you can'ts and i won'ts, but very few let's try it and see. The emotion of belief runs deep - i think the locals are scared to think that what always has been never was. There are mean people, but in general, most people are over stressed, yet not mean.

The questions roll in and we see that we need a novel ground state to deal with novel problems. What we find is that the motor is humming with insanity - people are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don't fit into each other. They have an illusion of a picture that they expect to see, yet square holes will always fit round pegs - as long as the diameters are matched.

The basis set is the stripped down vehicle that we can use as a frame of reference. Nature sets those frames in a certain weigh - the ecosystem evolves daily as the encumbrance of plants and animals unite via fungi, bacteria and virus - all connected through water. The water flows through us and seeps away many things - there are often drifts where the water stays to do its work.

Water is conscious. There are only so many modes of vibration allowed in a set of three atoms. However, water structured with water has a close packed tetrahedral structure that envelopes all the beings into a unity - as long as water is as water does. If too much stuff is in the water - the excess concentration causes loss of focus. The question is about creating order from the chaos and breaking the order via the chaos.

I get the drift that mebbe i need to spend my spring in hibernation - creating a new basis set for my own predilections. I need to feel love - not having a pet and being in confined space has cause me to alter my patterns and i know now what i need. A stove and shelter - quiet with a net connection. Or do i even need the net? For this one, i think perhaps not - although the personal social permaculture will take a hit, if the social is excluded. I had plans go poof - now i wonder if the poof is maybe a sign of the times - peas and hominy in domain one require a different set of actual circumstance.

Where can we be, where we do not sense the pressure of the mindless evaporation of the current illusion? Belief is such a funny thing - we can convince ourselves of anything if we restrict our factual intake to only what we wish to believe. When others break into our delusions with their illusions, we must compromise our belief to take their belief at face value - yet they don't see this as conflict. The net connection has been a lifeline to like thinking people - we get stranded in a whirled of different, when we disconnect this umbilical cord. 

Yet we must detach - to be real with what we need to be real with. The current reel ends badly only when we believe it will end badly.  I see good things coming - i need to be light and let go of many of my preconceived notions. To go to where i need to be is a function of how the universe speaks to me - i know what i know and have to act upon my knowledge as only i know how. To be with others learning again for the first time.

Thyme to think, quietly and dissolve in the solutions of the day.

Namaste' ... lemme

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