January 23, 2015

On Being: First Game Notes

Rhythmic Yellow Star : Void Flowing

Today, I am. The adventure of the past few days took me into the fading construct that we call three dee 3D. This is a convention that stands for three dimensional space-time, a construct that limits us into the constricted box of media and academia. Their persistent illusion is broadcast constantly into a framework that stood together for a great deal of time – however, the common fabrication has eroded badly and we all really know that the people in charge have no real clue and certainly no capacity to change.

To change what? To change their imagination and their thinking pattern to allow more light into their tunnel vision. The construct that we have is limited to the reality of the borders that we accept upon it. The common illusion was weaved together after world war two, but the basis of the thought began well before that. History is drilled into each one of us as part of our education – but it is also learned from routine conversation between the people that we meet upon our journey though life. When someone thinks differently, they act as a magnet for chaos – as they attract like minds and repel inside the box thought.

Chaos is the opposite of order. Our New World Order government in the 3D world has created a concept called globalization to govern the human workings of the rules and regulations imposed on humanity. That white colored people are all racist is utter nonsense – that human people are all humanist is a learned concept of the current system that is obviously as not true as the previous statement. All life is connected in intimate form and humans may not Monsanitize it. That our courts consider corporate humanity to have 'human' rights as they spray round up in the grass is pure cognitive dissonance – us trying to grasp two opposite thoughts to be true simultaneously.

Duality is a construct that is set to keep people in 3D confused. The concept of eugenics underlies a vast cogdis stream – and the negative pole of an Alex Jones world gives people hope that they can catch on and stop it before they die. Three dee is not real and we never die. That too is part of the illusion. People that you see die really do die on this world, in this illusion, but the I am presence of me is not of this world or this illusion. So that gives me more latitude in my belief system than you have in yours. I am not personally bound by the concepts of space and time because I don't believe in them.

However since you do, I can use them to speak to you about your beliefs. And since that is a small subset of my beliefs, which were similar to your current beliefs eight years ago, if you are an adult, then you can catch up to me rather rapidly – quicker the younger you are. I am collecting young people. And old people. And all people, including all the non human people that I know and love. Like my dog. And the neighbors cat. And the crystal sitting on the table next to me. They are all alive, they all speak to me and we are brethren because we are all made of water.

When I was young i'd listen to the radio, listening for my favorite song … and I collected baseball cards. Today, my baseball cards are called hour cards. If you spend an hour of your time with me, I will issue you a card that allows you to multiply the value of that card, based on your performance at learning what I have had to say. I will bring in guest and determine their multiplyer value, so that if you listen to them, then your hour of value can be multiplied by their factor. Each of us has 24 hours in the day and each hour of the day is currently recognized as equivalent to every other hour. No hour takes more than 60 minutes. No hour takes less than 60 seconds sixty times.

If you spend three hours in my classroom, that entitles you to three hours of my 'field time', because of the multiplier that you use for leverage, that you earn by scoring well in the quizzes I give to see how well the class learned the material. Since my classroom is in My Classroom – everybody on the internet worldwide has the same opportunity to join my classes and earn value in my 5D world by leveraging their 3D time. Wait – new term – 5D – what is he talking about.

Well, five dimensional space – a place where I am that allows me more latitude with my beliefs of how the world works. The world works because my I am presence believes it works this weigh. Your I am presence does not yet know what it believes, because I caused it some chaos this morning by introducing cogdis. My intention is to help you define time and space in a new weigh, by thinking more about what we were all taught, in common, by our public schools. This is a bold faced lie and if we do not accept it, we are free, but lost. Well, I always liked the lost and found part of three dee life – never knew what to expect, but always scored some good finds.

Must go for now. Remember, I love you. You have to love you too. Love is the answer – let's see what we can do to chat more about love and chemistry in the next lesson.

Namaste' … doc

PS – have fun with back reading on the Thyme Howdt blog. Use the Crosslynx too.

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