January 17, 2015

No Weigh

Simplicity and complexity are standing side by side chatting about their different viewpoints of the world we live in. The common vision is shared by a multitude of groups that have arranged the complexity of life into neat little stacks of simple things to think about and do. The stacks have been piled higher and deeper and have developed a complexity of their own, such that the initial complexity is simple compared to the structure that has been assembled.

To return to simplicity is not to become simple minded. The ideas that we have have to be thought out better - to allow true to be teased away from embedded theory. To carry forward nonsense as true belief is to add nonsense onto the existing nonsense and what is generated is cognitive dissonance. For example - Clooney's new movie paints a completely false picture of what was going on at CBS - history is rewritten for the masses that believe exactly what they wish to believe.

We all do that - when we become part of the masses. However, we are always part of the whole. There is a difference. The whole holograph is enabled by a morphogenic field - our specific intention is what makes it so. When we withdraw our consent, and fail to believe in the common illusion that we have had drilled into every waking hour of our lives, we can see that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. We create our own drama in order to entertain ourselves and now is the time to stop playing that game. The movie changes in the first person - i can take you on an adventure to a place that you can go, but you cannot be there, unless you let go of all the previous packaging, including the illusion of security.

Back in junior high school, we created the game of free fall. It was not a good game, it took o great toll on us physically because the game consisted of leaning your chair back against the wall at as steep an angle as possible. The physics of the situation is that the chair can tip back over 45 degrees, as long as the legs don't slide on the floor. Well, when you hit free fall in physics class, the resounding crash alerts the entire classroom, and hurts the faller. It also has a lot to do with reality, especially physics.

But - is physics as we know it applicable over other scales?  Astrophysics at the largest scale, quantum physics at the smallest scale and meta physics of the far East all agree on the nature of the physics of the illusion, but somehow our newtonian physics is unique. How does that work? It consists of having a common agreed upon illusion that engenders the entire field that contains the population within the limits of growth. The outside place of time and space is nothing like the internal place embedded here in this illusion, a common illusion which has held a long period of time - ever since you were born!

Think about that. You were born into this illusion, you didn't create it and you didn't agree to it. You learned how to play the game taught to you by your parents, who learned from their parents, who learned ... But what if this game really starts at the moment you were born and the history is just the collective of what the current group remembers. If we are born in cycles, where we come back and deal with that same souls - then the people around would be the same people around that we are already familiar with, so we believe what they tell us. What if none of it was true? How would we know?

Somehow - there has to be something bigger, something closer alive than Gaia. When we look into our microscopes, we see an enormous wealth of biodiversity and many built in redundancies that make life happen without human control. Try to hold your breath forever. No can do. But some critters can go into stasis and be reconstituted with water many 'years' later. (brine shrimp). So - how come when we turn our microscopes around and call them telescopes, all we get are rocks and stars.

Namaste' ... Doc

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