January 28, 2015

Teasing Howdt Truth

Blue Cosmic Eagle : Mass Massing

So much depends on being able to construct models to portray how things can go. Back when, Einstein used to conduct thought experiments to see if he could imagine his theories to be true. Einstein was a Swiss patent attorney who got to be a funnel of knowledge – everything that went thought his thought process was resurrected in a time/space continuum that captured the imagination of a generation or three. The limits of our universe changed – the glorification of Einstein came at the price of all the other good thinking that was going on at the time. 

Time and space are both going into Doc's flux box – with caveats that were set forth yesterday. Time is allowed as clock measurement to affix the standard reference to appointments and reciprocation. Calendar time can be either Treei or Mayan – or any other calendar that one wishes to place forth. History is common fiction – anything that the delusion brings in 3D is a subset that is not with-in the construct of this weigh. You may have your own weigh, in your own space.

The caveats on the concept of space are enormous. The internet has redefined confined space to where all I need is access and I can be with my people in any instant. That telepathy serves the same purpose is within my belief system – cats know exactly how to read the person that they adopt as theirs. Once a cat draws blood, they create 'ownership' of the human that they lovingly pierce. The dialect of meow is as broad as the english language – nuance is a learned trait. Cats take on the personality of their primary peeps – they function on narrow frequencies with sharp distinct interest – or total ignorance. To be a cat is something that each human should imagine – it gives you a secondary perspective of the rituals that we follow.

So, your personal space is governed by the aura that you throw and the physical confines of the room that you are in. Outside has indefinite room and outside space contains vibrational frequencies from the sun that cater to the process of life. This space is the space where you have physical interaction with all of being – you have a body to take care of and love to create. 

Outer space is inner space and as above, so below. Duality is such that we define space in terms of length, width, and breadth; dimensional analysis helps us grasp concepts such as derivatives and integrals. This is all construct and other than personal space – only exists by common agreement. That we have planets and geography and other descriptive sciences make it real – if we pretend that we didn't know any of that – would we be any better or worse off in our daily focus?

So, space is just the physical community where you locate and the virtual community that you create on the net. If each of us has a broadcast media that related our personal space to each other's personal space – then we are networked with different neural inputs than we formerly have had. 

I had a conversation with a civil engineer in Britain today – discussing Schauberger's implosion energy devices. That we have free energy in an open system rather than harnessed energy in a closed system is a belief that I hold to – yet few 'scientists' have thought about the question in depth. They just tell me it cannot be – when they haven't even bothered to delve past their technical training on their personal topic of interest. Academia has little to offer us – except the resources that they extracted from us for indoctrination. Is school really the only place to learn?

Escape is only an imagination away. By getting smaller and more local we can be the people who we are. We are responsible for more than we know. Our pets know as much about their sphere as we know about ours. They do not foul their nests or pollute their own waters. If we, as a collective, do not stop the constant radiation of Fukushima – then we have no chance of remaining here, on Gaia. With Gaia. 

We presuppose Gaia theory by Lovelock and Margulus – no room to argue. You may choose any set of facts that you wish to presuppose on your world, if you choose to play this game. As today is a mass massing for me – I will collate the game information from the last tree day and assign values to the worlds that have been created. The players involved have given me numbers for their domains – and I will fill in some of the gory details while continuing on my own fractal.

Now – a bit of water science. I have been looking at devices that structure water and chemicals that dissolve in water as salts. I would like to take Pollack/Ho theory and explore it at a greater depth that has been done in the past. I once taught an on-line course called the many Faucets of water – I believe that these concepts need to be rekindled. The mass for this quarter is to write the outline for a textbook on water – the weigh it is. I would like to have people transcribe lectures, similar to the methods that Dick Feynmann used to work out the physics of QED. I also need a source expert on Walter Russell. Manifestation of desire is put forth for the universe – now I have to put forth my specific effort on some other challenges of the day.

Namaste' … doc

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