January 03, 2015

The New Weigh 2015

The game is on. The specific phases of what manifests is solely determined by the person manifesting. The realities are concurrent - each of us is drawn to people of similar vibration. Our Love is the Answer group explores many questions of how to keep each other feeling honored and sacred - the room has its own flow and character. The past is woven together with the future and NOW is the fulcrum of past, present and future - the only time that is.

What you bring unto you is based upon the law of attraction. What the world brings to you is based on your own perspective. The source of your resonance vibration is not within you - many vibrate to similar resonances. We dial our frequency based on our internal climate, which seems to dictate our external climate in an as above, so below manner. My personal intention is to be in the Gaia that we envision as the garden - and work with love to accomplish the tasks of bringing a group of different minded people into community together where everybody benefits.

I can see clearly now, the reign is gone. The goal for this segment is to Void ... to recreate what has yet to be created. The place i am envisioning is kind to itself and to others and returns higher vibration than it extracts. The she part of we is whole with or without me, and we work together to provide comfort for all who inhabit our space. Our house is a very, very, very fine house, with two cats in the yard ...  

To establish context, the civilization games by Avalon Hill and Sid Meier have allowed a generation of thought to the necessary level to envision doing this civilized stuff in a completely different form. Our governance has limited our vision, our corporations have captured our souls at the expense of something that all human existence had until our time. We may get anything, but we will get local, real fast.

You already are local, for the most part. Your vehicle provides a sphere of influence that determine your range over your chosen location - few people have the privilege to travel without papers as i have. To establish ground, when on the road with no home was the most difficult thing that i have ever done, but it has made me aware of exactly where my resonance stream vibrate. It is a love vibration, at the purr of a cat harmonic, on every frequency in the accordion - the sound of falling water. You can get there, but you can never get back. Doc came back, but no one was there at the frequency he needed when he arrived, so he went into his shell and became what he is. He is checked out for the thyme being, in his own little world while the big world spins away.

I have company on the weigh - we are growing daily as awareness breaks gnu ground. I am off to a meditation - a group stop on the path of wherever we choose to go. We have much to unlearn together, and the path has many briar patches, but keeping solid footing on a high frequency wavelength is how to make do with what we have - the 3d component will be what it is, but the 5d component has only just begun operating within achievable parameters. Find the poem, there's another there out there - you will see what i am when I.AM.

Namaste' ... lemme

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we r on r weigh!!