January 14, 2015

Two thoughts

First - Nobody really has a clue, second - Everybody gets it right, sometimes. Let's explore the wisdom and ask ourselves, what is it that we really know? 

When we watch the events taking place in the world today, we distinctly get the feeling that there is something wrong with the fundamental framework of our current beliefs. The illusion that was weaved together for our benefit is actually controlled by a morphogenic field - which resonates at a harmonic frequency with other residents of Gaia. The concepts of time/space is welded into our construct and the Geek Gods Einstein and Newton are more revered than the Greek Philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Of course geek is the new dope - and so put your glasses on, get out your cosmic surfboard and ride a vibrational wave at high frequency - get beyond the drama.

I created and solved my own drama today and it isn't even ten in the morning yet. In slumber awakening, i put the coffee water on and the gas went out, enough to kill the flame and equalize the internal atmosphere with gas. Mercaptans smell lovely - added to natural gas, we can tell when a threshold is reached - i walked a mile for my cup of joe and aired out the place - enjoying a pink and baby blue sunrise in slightly freezing temperature.

When darkness turned to light, i changed the gas tank and all is well in the whirled once again, charlie hebdo excluded. So i got to thinking, what do i know that i know i know and don't have to think deep to correlate? So many things that i have spent time with, that i know to the point where i know who to ask what i don't know in that field. Related fields are intrinsically the same, with adjacent fractals requiring self-similarity. Biomimicry fits as a model of social permaculture - we are creating a future that needs to link back to the height of the pre-oil past.

So many concepts, so many buzzwords to set people off against each other by controlling the definition of what is right. If everybody is right, then nobody is wrong. If we can agree to disagree and see the weigh through the eyes of others sharing a different component of being, doing what they do differently from how we do the same things that we all do, then maybe we have found the key to sharing love as the driving force to replace the feerstate. Once met a carpenter dude ...

Namaste' ... lemme

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