January 27, 2015

What Do We Know?

Red Spectral Sky-Walker: Void Voiding

The last day of the current endeavor, where the void voids and I personally assess the value of the prior 64 day period. One Treei day. From 11/24, when I knew I was to go – now I think I know where to land, though I don't know, for now this will do. The entire travel adventure and reaccommodation to southern Oregon is an illusion build within a delusion. Schizophrenic me no longer believes anything – the game of proof of real is such that we don't have to accept anything that we cannot derive first hand from our knowledge base. I know that in real thyme, I have the same insecurities as anyone else and the less I focus on the reel story, the more I think about the Donaldson sci-fi series that begins with The Real Story and travels through the same events from a variety of points of view.

I have heard too many people here tell me either what I hafta do or what I can't do. I am tired of hearing both. The people who see the world their way have no consideration for the fact that I see the world differently from my own perspective. The things that I watch and remember are things that are important to my personal growth and comprehension of what I call truth. I tease out the facts as I can and attempt to get deeper into the weave of fabric of the multiverse, grokking that I am amazed at the things that I learn when I keep an open mind. I can see through your eyes as an emotive, and I reflect the serenity or chaos of your present condition in my accounts and actions in time spent with you.

The concepts of time and space have to be teased away from the common basis set; these are arcane limits that keep us in narrow perspective. Time and distance are subsets of each other and as such are both subject to different measurement constraints – a box inside a box inside a box. For time – I reserve the right to use clocks to set time for meetings, appointments and scheduling purposes. For 3D – when we act in a role, we keep track of that time in a separate category. The reward for the role is down time.

There is a definite correlation between time and money. People that pay you money expect to buy your time to work on their agenda. That all food, shelter and entertainment has costs, and that advantage is taken by the first people in a new place, are all the more reasons to start fresh with a horizontal power structure within our local environment. The person who is best equipped to make the call is the person empowered to make the call. Authority is accepted as a sovereign weigh – do what you have to do. The council of elders will always be there to advise, however, we definitely need to calculate a different measure for the term elder than chronological age.

Space also has its confinements, because we have deceived ourselves into believing that space is vast. It is not – it is totally dependent on scale. I need my own personal space to think and write – the community that I live in has to respect my privacy. The idea of love and being love in a space of love is a function of living differently, beyond the accepted mores of current society. That other people worry about what I do and have control enough to stop me from doing is insanity – I refuse to recognize any rights that impinge on my personal sovereign rights. But I follow the laws enough in order to avoid the whack a mole game.

The game is changing. We have an ecosystem of life support that is run by the death support industry. Life has been quenched and sprouted in forms that will change the weighs that we look at the world. Gaia is alive – and water is more than anyone ever thought about – because it is all over and we are our water. Water, water everywhere and all the board did shrink – ancient mariner rhymes.

Let's ask questions. Each question has to have a falsifiable answer – we have to be able to measure something that can give us a tangible answer. I have a mine clean-up that I have been following - the Formosa Mine in Riddle OR. The acid mine drainage is being addressed in a long slow process – Superfund is now involved. The video has details – our goal in the next short term is to bring the picture into focus – as the time to fix has come. To stop the existing flow is the first game – the BLM has a weigh that is separate and will provide some context. The video has two phases – one is the local Watershed Council Meeting – the second, public testimony at a federally scheduled meeting.

All life in 3D is local. The people you deal with are dealing with similar issues to your issues – like attracts like. We have the ability to change – but only if we grow away from the paradigm that caused the effects that we seek to remedy. Gaia can handle herself at her scale – I wonder of we are capable of meeting the challenge on the surface scale. We can start by stopping, then start by starting anew. Thyme to unlearn all that we learned in order to verify truth from fiction – what do we know?

Namaste' … lemme

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