March 23, 2015

from Family to Community

Connections are built to recreate the concept of integrated family. The search for individuals with deep connection is built on resonance frequency - the terms of the game are vibration based. There are many genetic states that contain different patterns - the simplification of DNA into a to strand model lacks substance - the chains change configuration and dynamics based on geometry. 

Water welcomes us to the liquid world of biochemistry. Water is everywhere, water is water on every fractal level. New things happen because the water of our bodies reach out to touch other related water structures based on the like attracts like theory. We seek our own kind and the search for self is on of the most difficult things that we can imagine. It is thyme to imagine.

Finding the doodlebug will become active rather than passive. The amount of intention within our tribe in this community will challenge the youth to be who they are - the learning experience of follow the leader coupled with telephone is not functional. If you don't speak Skyrim, you might have a life - thyme to weigh in on life again.

'Words say exactly what i believe them to mean' said the white queen to Alice, who took the blue pill that day. The delusion of exceptionalism is over - we create our own states within the mind based on what we allow ourselves to think. I am a point source of bridging the old with the new - i have not been in contact with the old for so long, that it morphed away from the image that i used to create the model. There is no bridge between here and there - your belief system is only either based on how it was or how it will be.

I have a book - Human Scale - written by Kirkpatrick Sale thirty-five years ago. I have a system - the Mondragon model created in Spain in the 1940-50s, based on the development of cottage industry. I have a theory, that the mathematics of chemical group theory concerning geometry in space is directly applicable to sociology. The relationship of matrix algebra and imaginary numbers fits in with the quality of number theory, as opposed to numbers being used simply for amount.

The place here is as small an urban landscape as one can imagine.  The growth projections in the 1970's plan for the city estimated a population of 2000 by 2010 - the population today is about 800. Yet the same folks are creating a new plan to reckon with the next twenty years - i was placed here to get involved. The local industry is the mill - big timber runs amuck inside of deals with big grubbermint - the region is so poor that our application for third world status was denied - this is fourth world - which can soon vibrate at fifth dimensional wavelength.

First - olive branches - love wins. No battles - we must form a people's court that establishes common support between sovereign beings. We must choose - but whatever we choose is okay - there will be lots of choices. Cottage industries are based in the home and contain no more than five principle persons in the endeavor. The idea of creating a lifestyle that you can always have relies on supporting yourself in a new system, where FRN are essentially worthless. Get what you need now - because you will not be able to take wealth forward in conventional form. We will try to condense some time frames and use FRNs to catalyze the search. Ding dong the witch is dead, the emperor has no clothes.

We all have the same number of hours. Leverage yours by making something that you can exchange for what you need - it ain't gonna be pretty, but it is what it is. Good attitude elevates amplitude - fly like an eagle ...

Namaste' ... lemme

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