March 24, 2015

It's Always Something

Ya never know, it's always something. The air is thankful for the water vapor and the current rain brings out mushrooms - winter chantrelles this weekend. Gaia's presence has enlightened me as to how to change the world - one footstep at a thyme. The game progress, as the call for unilateral surrender precedes every battle. We no longer have to battle.

The compliance officer claims to know more about the law than the judge. The council wants to beat the city into submission, then use them to mop up the spray paint on the bridge trestle. The third gazebo is being built in the park, if the rain stops. There is no youth center in town til the reign stops. Thirty-one people at the meeting, so there must be at least three dozen opinions of what took place.

We can purchase a recording of the entire process for $12.50 - if only that would buy us justice in the just us whirled. The fine has been incrementing by $60 dollars per day and a lien has been filed on the non-resident motel.  The zoning change was not grandfathered in and the rednecks wanna run off the hippies. The hippies wanna stop the rednecks from cutting down all the trees. The rednecks piss on tennis shoes, the hippies piss on work boots. They think alike, they act alike and they hate each other for being who they are. And meanwhile, everyone steals the entire region blind. 

Big Timber and Big Green are like the Walrus and the Fisherman, shucking the local oysters, enabled by the grubbermint jonesing to 'balance' a budget. That 53% of Douglas County is federal land and pays no freight (fed gov does not pay county real estate tax) means that everyone lives off of our local dime. Perhaps Nancy was right - just say NO.

So the locals get to govern us-selves and boy do we need a different form of governance. To start - each individual needs to produce something to pay their weigh in the new system. If you have a role it is way better than having a job. Job stands for just over broke and no matter how much you make, it costs a little bit more. But if community can absorb the cost and make the expenses paid be for food, housing and clothing. It sorta does already, given that half the folks are either employed or kept by some formal agency.

When we get right down to it, there is no valid currency and no real production. People can be of service to each other, but to get paid to be of service requires that people prioritize what your business has to offer. If everyone has their own cottage industry, using the Mondragon model, each business owner would be sovereign. That means she is responsible for any affects of that particular flow of action. Apprentices can be trained to accept responsibility, freeing the sovereign to invest time and effort in the businesses of others. Like the Three Musketeers, we can be all for one and one for all.

However, we have to get off the mine, mine, mine kick. We can use productive hours as a measure of action, where people earn an hour card for each hour that allows them to draw hours out of the community for their own projects. By having a common learning center with information technology available, we can empower each other to grow our businesses for the benefit of all. The shares can be contributed to the social welfare of all, then extra funds can be set aside for larger projects or divied up as further resource. Entertainment grown locally can get us all out of tunnel vision - videos don't have to be the mind-suckers that they currently are.

Just a few ideas. After all, it's always something.

Namaste' ... doc

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