April 20, 2015

Becoming Locally Centered

Doc has been traveling away from 'home' for most of the past two months. Since mid-February, home has become a rural space where there is little governance of folks and much to do within the space in question. The assumption that everything will continue 'as is' is assumed to be false and reconstructing a new arrangement seems to be the first order of business.

The idea of local economy is the basis of establishing permaculture. The grass roots implementation means that we all have to roll up our sleeves and do the things we do the best weigh we can do them. To look at the system as a function of 'no system' is required - everything we do as individuals is breaking new ground.

The basis set of things to have is what we need first to fill immediate needs. Clean air and clean water are very high on the list, but we can purify both air and water if available and unclean. Having a source of charcoal - a carbon material consisting of mostly burnt organic compounds will allow us to make filters for both air and water. Charcoal absorbs most everything on its surface and goes a long way toward being a complete fix. Making air masks and water flow units becomes trivial, when you have your own source of char.

Home had people who are growing food, building summer shelters and developing ideas to keep people entertained and busy. To congregate in a single place requires enough basic resources for food, shelter, clothing and things to do. If the lights work things are much easier, but i would not plan on the electrical infrastructure remaining in place for very much longer. We are on a path set by peeps that had a social agenda - getting howdtside that box as soon as possible is key to being the change that we need to see.

Start by starting. You are capable of keeping yourself alive, no matter what the conditions are. You have a choice to rely on other peeps, or make it all work for yourself. The movement from globalization to localization will be in fits and spurts - nothing will go as expected, but everything will go - the current track has no sustainable essence at all. To do things in the old whirled requires the time spent to be on old whirled affairs - this time is essentially wasted on the New Earth. Money is not worth pursuing; the jubilee will take care of restructuring the wealth system after we see what we need for change.

The old political system is hopeless and we should not even pretend to cater to it any longer. Unless you voted specifically for a representative autocracy, you have had no say in the matter. The idea that you vote and are empowered is nonsense - no choice of Hillary vs Jeb is a free choice - and the socialism/communism of Marx and Engels is specifically taught as horrible. I trust my own judgment for people - i have nobody in the paths of power that seems to have a clue how to make change.

That is because the path of power is cluttered with debris of the self. We have been taught over and over to rely only on self and grubbermint - the latter has no real effect except to play reverse robin hood - steal from everyone to keep them poor and feed the rich. The banksters who run the corporate sphere are laughing all the way to the bank - which we need to close yesterday. Stop using the monetary system - reject paying for any goods or services that you can get for free or barter. Your time cannot be monetized unless you allow it - just work for food and a common place to be, within a different system structure.

To whit, you are sovereign as you. How many peeps depend on you. Children and spouses are dependent on the arrangement of the nuclear family - which was inserted for us as a weigh of life after the horrid war of the 1940's. The rules were rewritten in 1913, when the federal reserve (not federal and with no reserves) took over and began printing and holding all our money. Stupid Woodrow Wilson tricks - we do not have to recognize this as legit. The whole game these days is a farce - thyme to create a new game based on local economics.

This means not paying any over-structure any taxes to support anything. Your choice of how to spend your wealth must remain with you. The whole idea of the IRS enforcement follows what is specifically prohibited in the RICO acts - what we have is pure and simple extortion. The fact that they skim it off your value before they pay you what is committed is a socialist nonsense passed off as capitalism - but really - we control our human capital and they use and abuse the working class, for the benefit of ... well who really benefits from this decayed system?

If we look at the big picture, we find that we have a skewed concept of the big picture. We have been taught to pledge to a flag - that now seems to always have yellow military trim. Sorry - not my idea of sovereignty - i pledge to no greater flag that i can realistically accommodate. This means keeping local and having local control of local resources. This blog should serve as a clearing house to create the change we need to see. If you have ideas - this is a good place to blog them, unless you wish to start your own blog. We absolutely need to have personal media access for every thinker - and we need to employ that logic in our brains to get howdt of the dark and into the light. I am already there - so welcome to my whirled. 

Kylie is always welcome.  Namaste' ... doc

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