April 06, 2015

Between Travels

Back from travels A and off to travels R with a brief stop here at home. The whirled out there is spinning violently as people live in fear of each other. The Beatles already had it right - nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. SFF. We have to begin to cultivate our strawberry fields.

The weigh it works is based in love - I met a pair of heartists this weekend who agree with me that love is the answer. Doc is developing a network of people who can discharge the current and restore the distant past into the future. It actually has - the mythos of history is repeated over and over. I follow David Wilcock theory - his divine cosmos website has many verifiable revelations. I was a witness to delivery of documents that were revealed by Wilcock - he speaks well.

My thoughts were taken back to Gurdjieff and looking at the social interaction of personality types. The Enneagram is a manifestation that works with the Marco Rodin mathematical model - the science and mathematics taught in school is limited in the frame of presentation. The illusion that we know is comfortable to most people because they mechanically follow what they have been taught. The repression of self, as taught in school, is a personal capitulation, a trap that we fall into because we fear the reality that our behavior is not ideal. Guess what - nobody is perfect. Forgive yourself and look inside rather than outside.

To be together requires working through our weaknesses and developing each others strengths. To try something new and different requires a loosening of restriction. The idea of evaluating information, to see if the information is valid is, should be a basis of the idea of personal responsibility for information that can be passed along. We get back into o triad of philosophy outlooks - that people are effective, affective or theoretical. Only two of the three register with most of us - we are asleep to the world that we have not given thought to.

There are many routes to finding yourself - you only need to get here. Here is a mental state - we are positive in the light and see weighs to change ourselves - we can make anything happen, by simply changing the movie. Sometimes we reserve ourselves, sometimes we come together. Well, here come ol flattop, he come groovin out slowly, etc...  When you are ready to participate for yourself - then you can elevate your vibrational frequency - the ability to emit energy is a collective measure. This is a multi-entendre - energy comes in all forms. 

Just Labelled ONRRI-cam #1 - a small head-mounted video camera. As soon as i can afford a micro-SD chip, the game will be functional. My plan is to film the development of social permaculture as we make it happen. The model requires capitalizing of community resources without individual ownership, yet for a purpose of stewardship rather than following current management practices blindly. The development of cottage industry, using a Mondragon model, is our local attempt, yet it is so much more because each of us are a point source of ideas and abilities. It's just a game we play for fun - supertramp lyric.

Serious though, we can grow food and work for ourselves here, on the frontier. The play that we want to write is one of sovereign interdependence - a place where everybody has a role, which they keep until they train their replacement. Apprenticeship and inquiry are valued here - but many things are not what they seem. Iff, big if, but if you wanna pitch a tent and be, we may have opportunity in the near term future. Just a place where you can learn to put out fires and walk in a not quite yet free world, learning Gaian stewardship : past and future.

Will use this space to announce more as community grows - any resources contributed to the commons with effective support brings full sovereign initial membership (although details of measurement are a whole different episode - search Existence for the term metrix. Enjoy!

Namaste' ... doc

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