April 16, 2015

Correlating Perspectives to End Cultural Wars

Doc has been working on developing aspects of stewardship programs, for management of forests. It appears that the current mismanagement tactics are slowing because the infrastructure has stopped functioning outside the narrow realm of war games. Thus, We the People, may find ourselves left alone in our local regions, without the means to carry forth trade in the traditional manner.

Thus, it is time to recreate civilization from scratch. The ideas require us to think through many portions of the operation from several different perspectives. The key is to realize that each of us have a unique perspective and have to integrate that with the commons. Note that i did not say lost the viewpoint to the common thought - we need everyone thinking for themselves and working on their own set of priorities.

The only place where change in the world is not visible is from your own perspective. You see the same things that you saw yesterday and they are still here today and likely will again be here tomorrow. Why? Because that is what we expect. If we broaden our scope and expect the unexpected, we will see the change, when we look for it.

Doc is the agent of change. lemme is the agent of change. Lemme changes doc's perspective as doc changes lemme's perspective. One person seeing with two sets of eyes, from 3d and 5d, very different perspectives. You cannot get there from here. But, we can get back. The question is how far back do we need to go?

That is an inconvenient question for people who have to function in modern society to address. People do not want to change from the comfortable crookedness of the way that things are, because they would not be able to keep their stuff. Guess what? We really do not own any stuff - the 3d game is badly skewed in favor of the most powerful physical force. The 5d game is based on peace - with several wars being cancelled unilaterally. 

Unconditional love is required to bring peace. To get there, the hippies have to quit being righteous and respect the rednecks rather than pissing on their boots. The rednecks have to get off their high horse and realize that their conservatism is fine for them but dogma for everyone else and quit pissing on the hippies tennis shoes. Both groups think the same weigh, enjoy the same vices and have a similar perspective - but the 3d game has pitted them against each other, effectively destroying both factions, to the benefit of religion and government.

There are two other massive wars that must end yesterday. The first is the battle between age and youth. The elder folks have aarped their weigh into a position where their costs are a large burden on the youth - especially with the silly student loan game. Corporate dominance of the monetary system has pitted these group in a pitched battle for government resources, which are extracted from the working class via just over broke jobs. You cannot do anything while you are chasing your shadow and trying to make your monthly nut. Banksters win this one, everyone else loses.

The second war to curtail is the battle of the sexes.The desire for security by creating a comfortable nest is not in alignment with the need to have radical change. We have to change traditional roles and allow all people to be who they are. This means developing a new and novel system that caters to the most difficult people to include and works to make them comfortable with the inclusion. By insisting that everybody be included in every task, we boggle ourselves down at every turn. I want to be in the kitchen, but not the garden - doc doesn't grow plants worth a darn. But he does turn them into tasty treats, a traditionally female role that brings scorn when he tries to involve himself in 'women's work'. What nonsense.

If we unconditionally surrender to love, and let go of the stress that we incur when we don't get things to go our weigh, then we can live with other people doing things that we wouldn't do. Morality is self-governing - each of us has to live with the specific choice that we make. So let's let up on each other and accept who we are for what we are and get to recreating existence in a form that we all benefit from and enjoy!

Namaste' ... doc (and lemme)

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