April 14, 2015

Dear lemme - 5D Advice Column

Why do you think some people have the ability to understand people's consciousnesses so much better than other people can? To the point where they can ride the "waves"? I don't feel I have this ability... And so it confuses me greatly.‏.. It was stupid to say I don't have this ability. I do. I feel social consciousness waves very intensely. And then also feel very intensely the poison they create in other people.
I have some theories that I made by observation and then looked to see if they held up. I am an emotive I can sense people's feelings. I cannot tell what they are thinking, and I get overloaded if too many people are around.‏ I like to have a familiar with me to help me deal with interpersonal interaction, especially when greater than five people are present.
What I have learned is not to understand other people, but to comprehend them based on what I would do in the situation. Have you heard of Enneagrams? They are a way of assigning personality types that Gurdjieff used back a century ago. I am a five, an 'observer', #5. Numbers mean more than just counting - the quality of numbers allows us to interpret meanings. Hurley and Dobson - What's My Type is an awesome book on the topic.‏
The waves are patterns that we can learn to recognize, when we remember ourselves in the scene. When we get too caught up with other people, we forget who we are and act upon impulse. Then we feel bad about ourselves as a result of the actions. The key is to detach, breathe, then pick up again with control of ourself - at least to know who you are and what you want from the situation. Mostly, it is careful removal from the drama.
There is also a matter of being aware that what we are presented with as fact is not true. The lame stream media provides its own spin on the whirl of the world and the viewpoint is not even close to what I believe. So I let go of the fantasy and focus on the 5D world of love - how can I get people from there to here, when they believe in the fear state and are not willing to let go of what they think they have. Yes, it is scary, but really, there is more out there that most peeps cannot see because they fail to look.‏
The poison can only affect you if you allow it to. I watch what I eat, bless the food and avoid processed non-food. I have a benefit that my city has 825 people, yours has what - 20 million? I do not believe in governance the way we have it, so I live a simple lifestyle as a traveling bard. I have an advanced degree in chemistry and prefer to be outside, amongst the natural resources. My accordion is wider than most people, when it is open full, yet I like to get away and be out in nature, rather than hang with people. NYC wouldn't work for me as a lifestyle, but is awesome as a place to be to visit and bring it all in.‏
So - as Lou Reed says - Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Listen to what people say; they usually tell you what they are doing, right when you first meet them. Trust yourself and your family, but always question how you got that knowledge - how do I know what I know? Sometimes, you know what is right, even though everyone else there doesn't seem to have a clue. That is where the cosmic surfboard comes in and you ride the waves, rather than looking up at them as they crunch down upon everyone else. Hope this helps. 
Namaste' ... lemme‏

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