April 08, 2015

Learning to Survive

Strange things are happening across the landscape. Amerikkan refugees are being created, folks who do not belong to the chattel that underwrites the fedral reserve banx, which are not fedral and keep no reserve. The game is over, thyme to create a new weigh. Slowly, shirley, we shall survive.

How we choose to survive is another endeavor. If we look at the latest news, there is only one method of thinking here - beat the war drums. If you are for peace, you are not of this whirled. That is a good thing. As soon as we let it go, we begin to see options that were not there before. You have to focus on yourself, decide what you need, and go for it. Respect the fact that we are all in the same boat and paddle your oars in the direction that you wish to go. You soon find that a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat.

So what is your philosophy? Mine is to live every day and be done with it. I have had the best of times, i have been through the worst of times - i.am still here, rejoicing in the light. Forgive yourself for your transgressions and be the person that you know you can be. If you wish, you can even be happy. There are many things to do, yet to start before things begin doesn't quite work. Thus, invest in yourself and spend the time to learn about you.

Doc writes books and sometimes reads them too. The ability to learn happens in different weighs, some audio, some visual, some intuitive, some via hard work. However you set your dial, find something of interest and collect the physical books to be able to learn about it. If the power grid fails, there will be something on hand to keep you busy. The distraction away from the cabal version of reality is necessary.

Be aware though, that this is not a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil game. The light and the dark are dancing in shades of grey. Changing the movie is part of the reality we have to experience - the why is simple because the director says so. The actors rarely question the part, instead they subsume it and become the role that they wish to be, temporarily for the duration of the play. Act accordingly.

You should always remain in control of you. If you give your power to others by allowing them to jerk with your feelings, then you are not in control of yourself. If you feel you cannot control yourself, apprentice with a sovereign and learn to be like them. There is a trade of value in the student/teacher relationship. Unfortunately, the teachers who do not learn are about as useful as a thrice darned sock. There is no enthusiasm for the experience, so it becomes dry and rote. Not good. Learning is an experience that we should enjoy together, not fear apart.

We will survive - with Leah leading us in song. Enjoy the day. Namaste' ... doc

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