April 27, 2015

On Camel Rats

As we watch societal meltdown from a detached point of view, allow me to remind us all that this process is a good thing, no matter how badly the spin is spun. The crooks in control are in full panic, as well they should be. The insights gained from actually measuring things, leads one to believe that the faster it all falls down, the quicker we can start on the rebuild.

As i look to see what others are doing, every list tells people to get out of debt. How wrong can that be? Debt is what you live on as a functioning cog in their wheel and the owners of your debt made up the money that they loaned you. The whole fiction of the money game is that you do not get out by paying off debt, that is how you stay in and prop up their system. If everyone paid off no debt and cut no checks with their electronic account money beginning today, then there would be no system by the end of this week.

So, lets ask the right questions. What is my time worth and how can i trade it for the things that i need? If you went to school and followed it with college, then you think your time is worth more because of the value that you put into the system, following what you are told. How is that working? The box of control is a square - we need to think in terms of torus and antahkarana and merkaba. Sacred geometry is the feature of nature that belies the perfection of mathematics with its own different skew.

So what? The way we currently perceive time is finely divided into equivalent slices that partition the space with a flow coordinate. Time is directional and the seconds, minutes, hours and days are clocked to a 'constant' rotation of the earth. Finely worshiped nonsense! The amount of time that you spend interested is what manages your time and if you are focused on a task to the exclusion of all else, you lose track of time.

I want one of Bugs Bunny's portable holes. The type that he peels from his lapel and throws on the wall, then climbs through and reaches out to pull the hols into the hole, as Fudd waddles past. Imagine that that hole holds four hours and you can be out of time, working on something that you think you should do, then can come out at the same instant that you left, with your new knowledge functional. Some yogi's have done nearly this, it is a matter of practice, not choice. I can be in space-time that has nothing to do with the time we are in now, yet i know that i.am in our time now, each morning when i awaken.

One of the major challenges that i see is our refusal to accept that other systems could be used, because our current one size fits all equivalence is all encompassing. That 'not allowed' has moved into our vocabulary is a crime - that it has descended into our education structure has made what we learned in school mostly worthless. I seem to remember Douglas Adams joking in the guide that the humans of earth were so happy to double their word space in the guide with the word mostly. What really is important is to conceive a different weigh - a new way of doing the things that we take for granted that we should do, because we were taught to do them.

This is not to say that everything must go. It is using yesterdays sh*t for today's compost and developing the infrastructure of support by a different method than hierarchy. We get caught up in horizontal and vertical lattices and forget that if we didn't set our coordinates, there would be no orientation in space. Astronomy and astrology are both derived from the same stars, yet one is gospel and the other pseudoscience because of the way we were taught to believe. What if we let our training go and we learned what to believe against a different measure?

Now we are talking, but instantly someone will say well, you can't do that. When you ask and give them a blank-faced why - the answer always has to do with the rules they were taught to follow blindly without any critical thinking. The idea that our current governance pays for the living style of more than half the people at the expense of the other half is considered normal, depending on whether you are in the rat race, a breeder/feeder rat, a bureau rat or a camel rat. 

The camel rat saddles himself between humps and allows all the sh*t on top to get piled higher and deeper as he/she creates theory to support more rats at the expense of the creative rats - who should be keeping the wheel spinning rather than looking at what might be outside the box. Until he breaks - then new camel rats to saddle. Guess what this rat race has runs out of - gas.

If you are a former camel rat reading this piece, welcome to the new world. You have a niche, you may set it at your own pace. Watch the waves from atop the surfboard - we quit serfing and no longer believe that we gotta believe in the way we were taught. Were not gonna take it, anymore. We have more than enough to keep ourselves busy while we manage to take each 'day of time' and use it as a beginning for tomorrow, rather than a consumptive product of yesterday.

Namaste' ... lemme

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