April 22, 2015


Dream On, dream until your dreams come true. Try not to step on other people's dreams as you pursue your own goals. Set a goal and keep to a distinct path - a philosophy is to a person, as a rudder is to a boat. One of the few things that i truly remember from middle school. Nowadays, middle school is like juvenile prison and the average teenager is both bored to death and scared to death. Is this any weigh to run a system?

Doc is working on a system that involves healthful exchange of time and effort. When people work in isolation for their own benefit, exclusion is the result. Inclusion on the current terms means having to go along to get along and accepting a circular payment of permanent continuance of a broken record. We have to let it go to change the weigh. To get there from here may take baby steps for most sheep - the time curve will not allow that sort of approach.

Connections are made by doing the things that you know have to be done. We are all points of light illuminating dark tunnels, when we come together, we are powerful because we can manifest what we need. It all begins with vision and setting forth a table of what you can accept and where you will not go. Difficult people are ones who conform to their own standards and cannot compromise with the go along to get along crowd - because that crowd will never live up to the agreement to go along when times get rough, Well, they are rough now and we cannot be bribed with words to just go along with the bankster scheme of getting everyone else to grab ankles.

Resources is a funky word. What is a resource? Something of value that you can use, but when you consume the resource, it no longer is there. To keep resources, you have to minimize their use and work to build them up. Fortunately, resources are renewable, because everything takes shape and has form. The weigh seems like a vapor path; when you are on your own weigh, you know which decisions to make based on the outcomes that you wish to achieve. 

The consumer society is consuming itself. The places where things are easiest are places where the resources have already been devoured. The herding crowd sees no value left and avoids the empty desolation - just what we need to start a new system by starting to acquire resources to achieve the interactive economy that supports us without draining our resource base. 

The true resource is measured by you - it's all up to what you value. The ownership of the commons by corporations is an overlay that lays waste to our common resources, in the name of profits rather than prophets. The end is neigh, the beginning starts right after the end as a new movie reels. Casting call, coming soon to a theater near you.

Namaste' ... doc

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