April 23, 2015

Sh*t happens - how to deal - BH

Things are changing so fast that the tether tangles. We get all twisted up in things that matter not, and then worry why we don't have any time to be ourselves. The peeps who create drama for other peeps just have to be ignored and if they whine too loudly, excluded from the premises. The idea that peeps can be excluded is a fundamental right for the people on the inclusion side - we really do not have to include everybody.

Inclusion should be a self-selection process. If you choose to be somewhere where you do not belong, the universe will let you know in a variety of weighs, mostly by making your life miserable. You can do that for yourself, by making poor choices. To make good choices, you have to ask yourself what your goal is. If your goal does not make you happy, go talk to my friend Pherrell.

To be happy, remove yourself from places that depress you. Each of us can raise our frequency to any level of the spectrum - when you set your vibration above the range of the sh*t, then the sh*t disappears. If you miss your projection and allow yourself to get low, then beware of fans. You never wanna let your sh*t hit your fans. However, you always wanna deal with the sh*t as soon as it forms, else you get constipated.

Most of our current society is constipated because they intake too much sh*t each day. When you turn off your telly and allow the penguin to explode, you immediately see a reduction in many forms of sh*t. The flow of the lame stream media is worse than sewage - yet some bathe in the latest words from faux news or cee.bee.ess. To calm down, we need to be away from the flow of all electrical circuits, this computer included.

If you wish to play in the current 3d system, you have no business worrying about the 5d future. The current moment is always the current moment and if you cannot wake up to the now and make change, then you are one of those that i willingly exclude from my picture of lemmeland. The converse should also be true - but it is not. Peeps who wish to be in 5d still have to put up with all the game of 3d - because we have been included without be asked whether we choose to be. To leave that system requires stepping out of the mechanics of everyday life - which is not practical.

Try to avoid using money at a grocery store or a gas station. You have a choice to swipe an electronic card or use pieces of paper (and some small coins). They will not accept payments in any value other than credit or debt. The banksters are even leading a current assault to stop the paper - creating a cashless society. Stop believing that fiction and they whack your mole. There are all sorts of exclusion mechanisms that change the rules for those who do not play and so even by ignorance, they credit actions to your straw man. Are we off to see the wizard?

Yes - welcome to lemmeland, soon to be home of this wizard's castle. The food is growing, although where it goes when it grows has yet to be determined. If the markets are open and travel has cheap gasoline, then the food will fly away. The GMO sugar beets planted here across the road from our organic farm are not amusing at all - that the monsanity can bribe small farmers with money and change our elections has been demonstrated here in rural merika - we are not a third world nation! The forth whirled is a rather barren place - so let's now create a 5th field - a watershed governance level. More on this topic to come.

Attach to the land and the sh*t takes on different proportions. Something in the weigh she moos leads to calves and beef and raw brown starting material for compost. The green mix will come from the food waste, although waist is a category of 5d that also needs further discussion. This is my world #42 - lemmeland - and you have my permission to construct you own world and give it a number. It will go onto my map, which will be kept in a Spells book - and each word like howdt or thyme or waist that we can miss spell can also be added to the spell book - to give ourselves a 5d lingo. Lingo jingo - lunis on that (ok?).

When dealing with sh*t - remember everybody poops! So let's get our sh*t together and create so many imaginary lands that are real to the individual that creates that we can assemble a context of 5d choices, so that no size fits all and we can be happy with Pherrell.

namaste' ... lemme       BH : Be Happy!

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