June 05, 2015

Getting howdt of dodge

Life is infinitely entertaining. Sometimes the specific drama of the moment is enough to condition us into a new and novel thought pattern - watching behavior disintegrate into anarchy is the preliminary stage for what we can see coming. The miasma of everyday life brings unreal pressure unto the inhabitants of capitalistic systems - we all need a good hug.

I watched the police come to our little area in the form of a single sheriff's patrol. The gentleman was nominally checking out a stolen motorcycle - just making sure that the owner had the required paperwork that demonstrated that he was indeed the owner. I tend to wonder if the USA police state was planning to sequester the bike, or of it was just harassing the biker - so hard to tell these days.

The next day, one of the squatters complained about the living conditions to the local magistrate. It seems to me that rights go to the squeakiest wheel and that the forces that be are ready to infiltrate and confiscate - We all need a better weigh ...

Thyme to step into Ubuntu - a concept where contributing is the key to enacting change. Each of us carries a unique skill, that can be developed into a cottage industry to provide support to the greater community at large. When we lose the grid and/or the monetary system, we will be forced to look at neighbors as resources rather than fearing their presence. The current one for me and all for me can be replaced by a system where each person has a role that they fit into to provide a service that creates wealth rather than consuming it.

The South African founder of Ubuntu - Michael Tellinger - is coming on a US tour.  To grasp a world without money is so foreign to most merikns that we cannot envision anything but the current rat race. Well - my info is that the rats won, the game ended and we have to start over again. We are stardust, we are million year old carbon, we are golden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the gardens.

Lawns to gardens should be one of the highest priorities. To feed a community takes staple crops, not grocery stores. Once we have enough potatoes, maybe we can grow grains. Perhaps we can make a thresher - hard to do much without big ag equipment, but that comes along with a price - the choke-hold of big ag and their Monsanity of death sprays. If i had a round-up ready crossbow that could slay the interlopers ... nah - we need peace on Gaia, not more war and certainly not a viewpoint against anything. Positive vibration enhances life, in all phases.

To begin, one walks away from the tether of the current system. That system is ubiquitous and every nook and cranny has its own challenges in throwing off the yoke. Rather than grouping too many people into a lumpy mass, we need to each step up as individuals and contribute a unique means of helping. When every local community can reckon with their own water and waste, housing, food and entertainment and begin building local economy, then we can start communicating between communities and reestablish trade. I like the Mondragon model from the Basque region of Spain.

Each area of concern would form its own guild and have say in the continuum - all stake holders being involved in every decision to some extent. Consensus building becomes a community joy - objections are listens to and resolved by action, rather than one huge juggernaut steamroller overriding everyone else in a forceful display, as with the current bureaucracy. In fact - the body of law that we have is so self-serving to the power structure, that total change is the only weigh to get there from here.

Some of us are howdt there, untethered to the facts of the former whirled; yet intent on working for Gaia and all the water bodies that inhabit this planet. The animal kingdom and the plant kingdom have been subservient to the human population - i think people are in for a big comeuppance as the infrastructure melts into the reality of the day. We do not need money, we need to lighten our footprint and build the resource base for the good of all creatures, even ones we cannot see, hear or feel.

So much to write, so little that can be said. Speaking for the future, the past is over. The time change here is on a 26,000 year cycle - we are still in the hundredth percentile of error - the event occurs before our very eyes. Get your cosmic surfboard and ride the waves above the fray - merry Ubuntu to all for to all, a good knight.

Namaste' ... doc

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