June 08, 2015

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps

Little tweaks grind into flux
As pressure of income
Rather than outcome versus
Doing the ‘proper’ thing
Begets frustration, always
Finding the shuttle back to
Where we run from as escape

Needs not fulfilled at base level
Foster anger, hurt and fear
Which span the range of emotion
Neither allowing tranquil peace
Nor settling of the tandems of
Interrelated thought process

Life requires Dylan-esque calm
Shelter from the storm as geometric
Cards envelope self-actualization
You can’t take it personally’
She says as she digs … deeper
Engraining monoculture lies while
Wasting community circles of equity

Equity? Tough concept for a
Me only world where selfish
Acquisition appears the end game
For why else would one foul
A nest but for fear of whatever
It is that we happen to fear
Shitting bricks, fanning flames
Then running away to hide
From too many gory details

Forces unleashed by attitudes
Of come what may and que sera’
Retire all plans of temporal order
One can never plan for the whimsical
Chaos of scorched Gaia, who wants
Yet cannot nurture, cannot give
Given the present constraints of space
Given the present shackles on time

© 2007 lemme howdt

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