June 01, 2015

How Doc Catalyzes Change

Doc has agreed to speaks on the chemistry and biology of geo-engineering - at the Talent Library at 7:00 pm on June 12th. That is a week from Friday. The topic will include a bit about the metabolism of inorganic metal ions in biological systems and will include some of the ground based implications of the Formosa Mine - where AMD (acid mine drainage) is affecting 18 miles of creek by lowering the pH to the point where nothing can live in the water. No other animal fouls its nest quite like corporate humanity.

Things on this planet are getting strange; keeping a high vibration get you into charmed. Charmed and Strange are the two quarks that Doc uses to emulate the Fibonacci sequence double ones - the application to life makes sense. When we experience something for the very first time - it either works like a charm or goes quite wonky. When things that should have worked go wonky, the idea is to roll up your sleeves and try it again - you then get the charmed side of the coin. One of the great Morrisons sang that People are Strange. Some are Charmed.

So, how do you take a picture that is framed to deceive you and construct a pathweigh to change the movie. The key is following what you believe. You have the ability to change the present, by using intention to set things into working order. If you believe something, no doubt that is the weigh it is for you. If you pretend and don't believe, no matter how cool you are, it just doesn't work.

The lame stream media is on a quest to make you believe that things are true when they are not. The establishment criteria runs amok because they are in the face of the populace 24/7. To turn off the constant drone of noise is not something we do readily. Our music soothes us and the message that we get cater to our individual lifestyles. What we need to do is chill - withdraw from all events that take place around us that lead to the global insanity.

Everything we have is based on carbon. The petroleum feast of the past two centuries has wasted a nest egg that could have been forever, but other things will come up to replace whatever is gone - we can self manifest anything when we act with intention. Growing food and lessening the consumptive footprint on the planet - our living being, GAIA - is how we stop the degradation and change this movie.

The 26,000 year cycle that just began gives us a new start on a different time line. Time and space are constructs that have been used to limit the ability of humans to think outside the current box - however, we have broken through and made some essential leaps in our understanding comprehension recently. We cannot understand without standing under the current system - that word itself is a huge trap. The key is to be a detached observer - to affect the old system as little as possible while starting a new train of thought. And making that thought happen by doing.

We are stardust. We are golden. Thyme to get ourselves back into the garden.

Namaste' ... doc

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